The creative director of Vonne couture; Yvonne Chinele Nwosu is in every right a style star. Not much details to share as regards her personal life but there’s a whole lot to be said when it comes to her work as a fashion designer and her personal style.

The France born style star, whose fluency in french is of really no surprise, started her female fashion lineΒ  in 2009, but now she has expanded andΒ  ventured into men’s fashion in some way.

Serving fierce and angelic; yvonne nwosu chinele

Yvonne’s ties to Europe has a lot of effects on her work and style. Defying fashion basics and rules is the real deal for her. She tries to create her own fashion style from broken fashion rules and from what we have noticed so far, she has nailed it so perfectly. She dared to show up at the LFDW’17 (LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK) in her own piece ‘Iro vonne’ on orange sneakers. That is creativity. The distinctiveness threw us of balance when she modernised the cutural attire of the yoruba ladies; Iro and Buba.

The rules don’t matter; yvonne at the LFDW’17

She is a big fan of her own creations, i mean who wouldn’t? Always wearing her designs and showing off that banging hot body of her’s, which is one of the reasons ladies are so interested in her. You can clearly see the joy she derives from being herself.

Cheers to the weekend; Yvonne Nwosu
Don’t underestimate my fashion style; Yvonne nwosu
Yes!!! I can looking classic in pink too.
Serving cooperate outfit in a less tensed look; yvonne nwosu
Very good badt chic look; Yvonne nwosu
Arise! Casual at the arise fashion week
Monochrome; all we see is black and white
Top: denim patch from one of her D.I.Y classes on a faded jean short.

From her choice of styling, you can tell she is a happy person, incredible and talented designer. A little secret, she is a mum too. CHEERS!!!

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