You can’t wear a black wedding dress. Why? 

I personally love black, maybe not ’cause it’s a neutral color but cause I’m African. I deeply love and appreciate my black skin, my black hair and my black clothes LOL.

No! I’m not getting wedded soon but my love for black wouldn’t let me betray it totally on my wedding day so I decided that I’d wear a black dress. I told my mom about it and her reply was “we are Africans, more so we are Nigerians, you can’t wear a black wedding dress. Why would you even want to?”. Seriously, I thought it’s ‘my wedding’ and I remembered that in Africa, its ‘our wedding’ not ‘my wedding’.

Black wedding dress
Black Unique Wedding Dress

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a white dress. Besides, it’s beautiful, it’s elegant, its pride in some way – Africans believe that ‘virgins’ should wear white dresses and ‘non-virgins’ should wear cream or off-white dresses. Well, let me come and be going! LOL

White wedding dress
A White Sleeveless Wedding Dress
Off-white wedding dress
An Off-White Wedding Dress

In my opinion, I really don’t see anything wrong with wearing a black dress. Black is a color like white or every other color. It’s her big day and by God’s Grace, it’s a one time thing so she should be allowed to make her choices.

However, African traditions make it quite impossible to have a black dress ’cause some parts of Africa actually have the belief that black is worn to mourn, some other parts belief that black is a color that represents bad luck. Both beliefs are actually a part of the tradition in Nigeria especially. I wore a black top on black pants with black shoes to church one day and I overheard a woman asking someone in her local dialect “hope everything is fine?” Like that wasn’t enough, the woman walked up to me and asked about my mom and I told her my mom was alright and she said “why you come carry black wear na? E nor good oh”. Yes! Don’t get surprised, it’s that bad here. If I’m being questioned for wearing a black pair, why would they not condemn me and turn back when they enter the hall and find me in a black dress?

Black wedding dress
A Black Wedding Dress With Beautiful Gold Patches
Black wedding dress
Maja Salvatore In Black Wedding Dress For Wildflower Episode
Black wedding dress
Black Vintage Wedding Dress

The wedding belongs to the bride and groom. The choice of color(s) to be used is theirs as well. No color is bad. Black can go for a wedding dress and if you’re against this, let’s argue! I’m just kidding. LOL. I’m entitled to my own opinions right?

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