Wristwatches and the Modern day man.

Courtesy Allen House Studios.

I can’t help it, i love watches. I mean, i really do. Whether leather, chain/bracelet or rubber strapped, a wristwatch is the one piece of jewelry you will definitely find me wearing, any time I’m out and about. If i happen to step out without wearing one, you can bet that it was purely accidental, i must have hurriedly left the house, and that when i realized i didn’t have one on it must have been too late to drive back home. I know for a fact that i would feel under-dressed and if given the chance i might even walk into the nearest men’s accessories shop and buy myself a new one, just so that my wrist doesn’t feel empty. Not wearing a wristwatch to me is like stepping out naked.

A P-51 Rec watch, courtesy of Daily watches.
I mean, doesn’t that just look cool?

A wristwatch to me, is one of the most important accessory for both ladies and gents a like, most especially for the gents because ladies have a number of other items with which they can accessorize. For the gents, it’s just Sunglasses, a bracelet or a wristwatch. For me, mostly all three. Clothing accessories for what they are, when worn correctly complements one’s look. A watch does more than that, it completes it.

A picture of a leather strap watch, courtesy of Guide of Men's Style
You see how the baby blue leather strap blends with the shirt, completing this sharp look?

Sometimes i forget that the original idea behind the invention of wristwatches was to conveniently stay time conscious. I get warped by the idea that it’s a clothing accessory first, before anything else. When i go watch shopping, i tend to keep my wardrobe in mind, considering which shoe the strap will go best with, or which belt will match the colour tone of the piece i am looking at, before even considering its time keeping capability.

Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hermes belt and Gucci shoes
Which would you go for? Patek Philippe or Rolex?

Watches are awesome, you can’t deny it. Sometimes you can tell a man’s overall taste or style by looking at the little details, his shoes, his wristwatch, his belt, and then how they all complement each other and sync with every layer of his clothing. James Bond, besides being known for his suits and tuxedos, never failed to throw in that key accessory that often times isn’t just an accessory, but a weapon as well.

James Bond and wristwatches
Daniel Craig as James Bond. See his wrist? Told you…

Every guy should wear a watch, not just because its a time piece, nor because its a signal that the wearer has a sense of style.

“It is a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece withΒ extreme craftsmanship.”

When wearing a good watch piece, you are wearing a piece of art on your wrist. Did you know that some watch makers have about 4 craftsmen working on a single piece for months, designing and meticulously assembling each complex piece of technology by hand? A watch is an inherently artistic piece of work.

Just take a look at these pieces. ….”To die for, yes”

I personally am a watch lover and hopefully soon a collector. My love for this beautiful piece of clothing accessory that i consider a necessity is deep rooted, and will in no distant time change. If you aren’t big on watches, i suggest you reconsider. Look for a style or brand that suits your personality. There are a million and one of them out there, pick one or two, use it as a tool to carve out your own identity. Whatever you do though, always stay true to your nature!

Love Watches
Avi Koren
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Guide to Men’s Style
Allen House Studios

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