A button-up shirt is an important part of every business woman’s wardrobe. They were made to look professional yet chic tucked in an A-line skirt or under a blazer with dress pants.

So many women feel button-up shirts can’t be styled in any other way except formally. There’s no doubt that these shirts are perfect for the office only and there’s also no doubt that they even more perfect for the casual look.

Button-up shirt for a formal look
Button-up shirt for a casual chic look


Apparently, a lot of us see button-up shirts as something we can only wear when we’re adults with a full time white collar job! Button shirts can be dressed down and look really good with jeans. Infact, button shirts look good with a variety of things. You want to know how to style yours to look more chic? Here are some ways…

1. Opt for the ultimate preppy look, the one that you’d rather comfortably wear to the office underneath a sweater with collars standing on the neckline of the sweater and shirt untucked. This upper body look can be worn either on a pair of jeans or plain colored pants to get an extremely casual look or a semi-formal look.Β Kayoja
2. Pair your skinny jeans with you button-up shirt, leave it untucked and slip on some ballerinas. It’s a comfy outfit that looks quite super put together.
3. Get in the boss chic look by pairing button up shirt with (ripped) boyfriend jeans on heels to make your look more chicly and again add a little more sauce with jewelry.


4. Keep it simple and cowgirl-like by tucking your shirt into your jeans and wearing a knee length boot. Your belt and boot should make some statements, if you know what I mean LOL.


5. You want to pair your shirt with a skirt?? Maybe a wrap skirt. Wow! Great idea. But it would be too formal, right? Yeah I know. Don’t stress. You can just make a little tie in front without tucking the shirt in, that would be nice.


6. You can keep it really, extremely, massively casual by just wearing your shirt on a pair of jeggings or leggings and a pair of sneaker.


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