WHAT TO WEAR|outfits to meet the parents

So, finally, you are to meet your future parents in-law; uhh I mean your MCE’s parents. It’s natural to want to make an extraordinary first impression. The initial excitement of meeting his parents can often times be followed by tension and fear and then the big question, “what should I wear?”.

Usually, the fear of over dressing or under dressing comes to mind. You don’t want to look too serious or too casual.

Okay, first of all, try as much as you can not to be too trendy. You’re of the 90s or probably late 80s and I’m pretty sure their fashion sense isn’t as active as yours. They may not be aware of the fashion trends of long slits, extremely flair pants, harlem pants etc. Keep it moderate when it comes to trends.

KayojaHowever, if you choose to go with trend, make it a little less. Not too wide, not too short, not too lengthy etc.

Just be classic, go for a classic dress or outfit; that would last more than a season.

However, where you meet his mom and dad set the tone for how you should dress. Are you meeting for dinner at a classy restaurant? Showing up in a mom jeans and tee would send a lazy, I don’t care message. A church? You wouldn’t wear a dress that’s half way your thighs. Their home? Definitely not a bum short. A family party? You wouldn’t even think of a tuxedo dress.

Conversely, if you’re meeting for a casual breakfast and you show up in a sequin playsuit, you may not convey the taste level they need in a future daughter in-law.

Be yourself! Don’t be so caught up with trying to impress your parents in-law and forget what your man actually wants to introduce is YOU! The real you. There’s no need wearing a fully styled dress when your just a jeans and tee kind of girl. Instead of undergoing a complete fashion personality transplant, stick with your existing style and just redefine it a little.

You might have cleavage and thighs that drive their son wild but you don’t have to share these assets with his parents. Whatever you wear, make sure that you don’t show too much skin so as not to misinterpret yourself and alienate everyone especially his mother.

In other words, no breast bearing neckline, no see through, no super shorts clothes and no too much bodycon. Remember, you want them to be focused on your natural charm and personality.

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