What does it mean to be STYLISH?

What does being stylish mean? Good question. First of all before we can fully understand what it means to be stylish, we have to understand what the word “style” in relation to fashion means. Style is a particular, definitive, or characteristic mode of action. Simply put; a particular way in which something is done. That said, when referring to the word in a fashion context, it can be said that style is a particular mode or way of dressing. Being stylish then means conforming to a particular fashionable way, standard or style.

A look back in to the past, we see that history has a large record of notable names, influencers, both male and female, who were renowned for their remarkable sense of style.

AUDREY HEPBURN, who in the 60s battle for style supremacy was could be called a “style icon”.

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, Audrey Hepburn, 1961
Audrey Hepburn, wearing the iconic black Givenchy dress in her role as Holly Golightly in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S

Both her off and on-screen personas were unforgettably remarkable.

PRINCESS DIANA,  though was seen as dowdy during her earlier years as a royal, evolved and grew more confident in herself and her choices. She was known to have a true flare for fashion and elegance.

Princess Diana, at the Serpentine Gallery in June 1994, wearing a figure hugging, off shoulder, ruched mini dress designed by Christina Stambolian

MICHELLE OBAMA , not only is she known as the first lady of the United States of America, she has the keen ability of transforming designers and brands into house hold names. Numerous designers have been said to have sold out after she wore their outfits to one event or the order, making her one of the most valuable brand ambassadors of our time.

Michelle Obama in the Jason Wu dress she wore to her husband’s first inaugural festivities.

History also has a large record of men who were seen as stylish in the era and even till date. In the 60s, not many people dressed as sharply as BOB DYLAN.He was a trend setter, and influencer in his own rights and had been championing skinny jeans, skinny blazers and Cuban boots before style icons of our  time even stopped wearing nappies.

Here Bob Dylan is seen wearing a trendy trench coat, skinny jeans and chlesea boots
Bob Dylan, fashion forward pop icon of the 60s

WARREN BEATTY, who has been in the movie industry since the early 60s, both on and off-screen, and who has been known with his debonair personality and sleek demeanor to be a lady-killer, could rock a bespoke suit and a scuffed tan leather jacket, and just look at ease. No doubt a style icon to be reckoned with.

Warren Beatty in the tan leather jacket look from his role as Clyde Barrow in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde” 

CARY GRANT, another 60s gent who was so admired for his stylishness that a book was dedicated to him called Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style. He was a huge suit fan and certainly knew how to pull off strikingly dapper looks all so effortlessly.

Cary Grant, looking sharp in a 3 piece suit and trench coat.

DAVID BECKHAM, who is not only famous for being prolific on the soccer pitch and for being married to the former Spice girls member,Posh spice,is a representation of the “dapper gent” of our time. Whether casually dressed in jeans, a leather jacket and dark shades or dressed in elegantly tailored suits, he is undoubtedly a style icon of note.

David Beckham, look smart and classy in almost anything he wore, especially suits.

Fashion didn’t take root in Africa until recently, so there isn’t much recorded in history about Africans who were trend setters in their time. However at the dawn of the millennium, fashion-aware and forward Africans began to pop up and make names for themselves. There is an inexhaustible list of Africans, males and females, who are downright stylish,a list so long, we will have to dedicate a whole article to it at a future date. It can be said however, that without a doubt, Africans have embedded their names in fashion history.

There is no known formula for being stylish as it can be seen from the examples of above mentioned people from years back till date. They all in their individual ways had the instinct, the flare for knowing what to wear, when and how to wear it. That is what being stylish is. Some people just naturally have that flare for being stylish while others grow into it. Almost anyone can have that flare,all its takes is to be bold and daring enough to step out and discover yourself. Quoting a post on our Instagram, “Being stylish means finding that point of harmony between staying tuned to your nature and staying tune with trends“.


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