Weekend Style|Everything you need to know about BEING CASUAL

This weekend needs to be lit. If you are trying to put together a very elegant but simple outfit for the weekend but not so sure where to start from, hold on because we’ve got you.

Attempting a head to toe stylish casual look is a different ball game entirely. For example, casual looks are as simple as wearing a dress, throwing in purse and putting on a cute sandals, then you are good to go but you can’t always do that, can you? Well it is a ‘NO’. You’ve gotta look for creative ways to dress up without losing your comfort.

Today, we are going to aid you be comfortable by creating a cool but laid back weekend casual style. Based on different preferences and what we percieve as how our readers and followers respond, we put together a lookbook that is aesthetically acceptable as well as gorgeous .

These looks will make you awake to your style game and how you want to build your personal brand to the top. These casual styles are everything; a reflection of a playful, sexy, fierce and very feminine woman, depending on the carriage of the wearer. Make your weekend more spicy with these styles we picked from instagram.


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