You just got engaged? Congratulations!!! And you have said yes to most gorgeous dress ever. Now onto the next important part: the perfect shoe that matches your dress, keeps your feet happy for all the dancing and walking and then complements your persona? Well, lets walk you through our five shoes that should be tagged ‘wedding shoes’ .

1. The strap sandals.

They come in different heights, length and styles. The common thing between all variances is the ‘straps’ which goes around the ankles and provides the bride a boost in self confidence and extra security so she can walk around in her heels all day long.

2. The wedge.

We all know that the amount of comfort the wedge shoes or sandals provides cannot be over estimated. The heels are balanced and then they make you feel you are on flats. The security alone makes it an absolute ‘yes‘ to be worn during a wedding.

3. The cutout heels.

Cutout heels are all the rage now and can never stop getting on the funky side of fashion. They can be of any kind. What sets them apart is a portion of the upper part is cut out, either in section or in patterns. They are absolutely gorgeous and a go-to for weddings.

4. The block heels.

Block heels are in different lengths and designs. They manage to provide an absolute undisputable amount of comfort, so for weddings they are an absolute go-for.

5. Flat shoes.

This is the last but not the least, no matter how comfortable you feel on your heels, you still need to wear flats so you feel more down to earth and thankfully they are now available as slippers or sandals in a lot of stylish pairs. So my dear brides to-be, don’t you forget to slip on some flats when you want to boogie down or should i say when you want to free yourself off the burden of heels.

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