WEDDING BELLS|Choosing a dress

It is every woman’s dream for her dress to be the best anyone would ever see, unfortunately, finding that dream wedding dress can be extremely stressful. After all, you’ve likely never tried one on before and it’s like the most expensive garment some women will ever own, so it can feel like the pressure is definitely on. Plus, your wedding dress sets the tone for the wedding as a whole.

As funny as it may seem, people don’t attend weddings for food alone, they also want to see how the couple looks especially the bride; what kind of dress she’s wearing, how expensive the dress might be and stuff.

With all eyes on you, not to mention photos you’ll keep forever, of course you want to look perfect on your big day. But what does perfect mean to you? For some brides, a dream dress is a sexy, va-va-voom sheath gown that brings out her curves. For others, a regal ball gown fit for royalty; for other brides, the best dress is the one that allows for free movement to be able to re-enact the choreography on the dance floor.

Check out some shopping tips for finding the dress of your dreams.


Rip pages out of magazines, explore on Pinterest, swipe through online boutiques and check out what celebrity brides are wearing to compile a visual. Look for a connecting theme of those searches you’ve made. Are they lacy, voluminous?? Bare backs?? Collate these styles together and find your dress.


Some brides might go in search of a wedding dress with the set idea of what they love only to try the dress on and they don’t love it. So be open, be open to find and love a dress you didn’t think would be your dream dress.



It’s easier to take a dress in than having to work with one that’s way too snug so even if you plan on losing weight, shop for dresses in your current size rather than going for smaller sizes. Also brace yourself up for bridal sizing.



Before you start dress shopping, know your wedding theme before hand. Decide if you want a casual garden lace dress, or a luxury royal dress or a romantic dress. Always keep the venue and theme in mind when you shop.



Yes, it is uncomfortable to talk numbers but it will save you heartache later. Get the hard numbers on your limit and stay within that budget. Plan non-obvious costs into the budget. For instance you need to spend N150,000 on a dress, you actually shouldn’t buy a dress worth N150,000 that’s because you need to factor in for tailoring, accessories and also cleaning and preserving the gown after wedding.

Now that you’ve found your dream dress, stop looking at dresses you may like even more. Yours is great! Now just look forward to showing everyone on the big day.

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