Sequin is quite a hot trend any day, anytime and one of the best things about sequin is that it can be worn in a variety of ways owing to its versatility. Sequin looks great in a variety of colors, be it black, beige, coral etc. It is a perfect party dress but nevertheless, you need to have at least one sequin outfit in your wardrobe. Here are some ideas to help you incorporate sequin in your everyday fashion.

Casual Wear

We all know sequins are glittering materials and one of the best ways to tone down a sequin if it’s too bright is by adding casual pieces of clothing to it. Pair a sequin top with laid back jeans or boyfriend jeans to get a nice, laid back and casual look without looking too loud even though you glitter.


I call sequin skirts ‘statement pieces’, cause they will help you make quite an impression on everyone around you as they look simply stylish and go amazingly well with a smart formal top tucked into them or an oversized woolly top. A pencil skirt is always reserved for formal events, however a sequin pencil skirt can also be worn when you hit the next big party and they’ll work as the perfect fashion accessory.


A sequin dress is the perfect glam for a nice evening with the girls, a dinner date with boo, a cocktail party and hit a club. You’ll be oozing confidence on the dance floor for sure! A floor length gold sequin gown will look absolutely breath taking and you’ll surely stand out at any function.


Sequin pants are another way to show the universe your love for pretty, dazzling things! You can pair it with a simple top and add a matching necklace to give your look a great make over. Sequin tights go great with long, oversized tops or paired with a blazer and crop top as they show case your legs and give your overall look a stylish uplift.

A sequin blazer will go nicely for an evening look when you want to party with the girls. Keep the rest of your outfit simple as the blazer will grab you all the attention you need. This is cool for the summer look as it fits nicely over dresses as well as casual tops teamed with jeans. It’ll add a much needed spice to an otherwise plain attire.


Another cute way to add sequin to your outfit is by wearing a pair of trendy shorts which are pure sequin and make quite the fashion statement. Sequin shorts will help you make quite an impression on everyone around you as they look simply stylish and go amazingly well with a tank top tucked into them.

2 Piece Set

Where are my party rockers??? The two piece sequin set is definitely a sure bet for that disco party. You’re sure gonna turn eyes when you step into the club and lights fall on you.

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