So I thought about the super high slit dresses worn by our favourite fashion icons on red carpet and how it is worn without having a wardrobe malfunction . Celebrities like the Kardashians, gigi hadid, beyonce and the likes of them have been spotted on red carpet in long slit dresses, with and without having a malfunction.

We cannot entirely strike out the fact that high slit dresses cannot be worn on a daily basis. Yes! it is one sexy dress, but the slit? Why so long? Imagine wearing a high slit dress or skirt on the street walking pass a group of men, the compliments and attention you would get will be for all the wrong reasons.

One cannot afford to be entirely stupid. Long slit dresses are not designed for the everyday use. Its not a bad idea to wear them to events, but you will still have to deal with stuff like descending down the stairs, sitting in public and even walking. Each of these activities can be fraught with danger at every turn. There is always that high possibility that a malfunction can occur.

When worn to work or to just basically chill at the mall or a cafe, while sitting, one can have some modicum of control over the slit. But the thing is, while sitting, you cannot really keep both legs down. Its either you consciously or unconsciously keep them crossed, revealing a huge part of the slit and your body too.

Standing wouldn’t be less hectic either. I recall on one of the red carpet moments, Bella Hadid stood in an awkward way lifting one side of the dress.

Then again we consider that dreaded wind. That might be the exact moment it decides to settle its long time scores with you and show you to the world, “its your time to go nude girl” therefore making you both physically and emotionally exposed because you would not know what to do and walking back to your apartment or the office might be a bit stressful to say the least.

Walking would still be very difficult even if the wind isn’t involved but walking on your normal pace would be impossible because the dress would blow backwards revealing whatever is inside. And then, walking slow would just look downright absurd and awkward. Is there really a way to wear this dress without a malfunction? Or prevent getting insulting comments from the people you meet on your way? I wonder. Personally i have nothing against revealing clothes as a matter of fact I love them very much because I get to feel nature’s wind on my skin. But the gawking and lingering stares the dress inspire is not the type of attention I want. It will only end up making me aware of my body and then making me wish the ground would open up, swallow me and put me out of my misery.

But then walking pass some ladies, You begin to hear comments like “Girl, you slayed this dress” or “Ooh, look at those hot legs”, “girl you rock “etc. Getting such comment from different ladies could give a boost to your self esteem.

For a couple of minutes I almost concluded that wearing such dresses are overrated because you will always have malfunctions, but coming to think of it from another angle, its actually sexy and nice but should only be worn occasionally, thats what i think anyway.

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