Well in case you didn’t know, the ‘Wear Nigerian’ campaign started in 2016 with the beloved author and activist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. She refers to it as her ‘fashion nationalism‘ and also stated that she just wants to show Nigerian fashion to the world the way it is and not as a museum of traditional African clothes. So far, so well, she has been doing a fantastic job. The African fashion industry is vibrant, diverse and thriving.

Outfit : Emmy Kasbit

The international film festival and forum for human rights, just got concluded in Geneva, where our beloved fashionable author; Chimamanda nailed it with her looks. Of course, it was a formal event but she attended it gracefully rocking her ‘ made in Nigeria’ prints. It also involved the special reading of her book titled ‘Dear Ijeawele’ or ‘A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions’, which was a letter she wrote to a friend of her’s who had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Cute, right? We were in awe too. It is a guide on what it means to take care of a girl child mentally and the author was praised for it.

Here’s a lookbook on some of the outfits she was spotted on…

Dress: MEENA
Dress: Imade Eduso

The author has a very keen eye for fashion and takes her looks seriously. Who knows, that may have added to her being successful? Well, she represented us well in Geneva, Switzerland and is still in the #WearNigeria movement. I urge you all to key into this campaign, so we support her because from the look of things, with the fashion eye; LOL the campaign is going to be big. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is the full package!!!

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