In October 2017, we published the second edition of the Streets of Ankara and here we are six months later with the third edition and as you know, The Streets of Ankara is a periodic article where we feature our top 5 best Ankara street wears from a time period with reasons why we love them.

In no maintained order, here are Kayoja Top 5 Ankara street wears.

Kayoja Take a look at this beautiful creation by God from head to toe. I mean, her glow is too super. Away from the studded beret and puff sleeves mesh top, check out her skirt… I can’t breathe, it’s too gorgeous. I love the mix of plain colors with the Ankara. The most joyful part of this skirt is that it can be worn formally or casually, can be worn with sneakers as well, although a white sneakers or something from Keex. You can accessorize if you wish but try not to take attention away from the skirt.
What do y’all see? I see the African glow, not just on her face but on her upper body. That Ankara top is errthang! Chee! Apparently, it isn’t about the Ankara alone cause the style is heavenly. It’s beautiful. To the church, to a casual work environment, to lunch with the girl on Saturday or to an office get-together you can wear this top. As seen in the picture, keep accessories as simple as possible.

Yet another one when I haven’t gotten over the others. Wonder what I’m referring to?? It is the Ankara trench coat; in Nigeria we would say ‘osha pra pra’, she’s shining. Wait! Wait! Spot the shorts? It’s sequins. The overall look is beautiful and not the normal style. By the way, this Ankara trench coat can be worn either casually as in photo or formally depending on your mood and the occasion it’s for. How you style it would depend how much accessories to wear, but don’t take eyes away from the coat.
Kayoja We love mixed prints too much and we love these too. The choice of colors are nice, they are masculine. This is an absolutely casual one; shirt can be worn on other pants and pants can be worn with a white, cream, or sky blue sleeves. Do well to avoid mixing black with this. Whether oxfords, brogues, loafers, Chelsea boots, in brown or beige and white sneakers would do justice to the outfit. A hat or a face cap as you wish. Accessorizing may depend on your mood but it’s cool to spice your outfit up with chains or beads.
Kayoja With this blouse, you don’t have to be tired of off-shoulder blouses. You can rock this for an outing with the girls or boo. It’s very simple blouse with no stress when worn trust me. Sneakers or heels aren’t bad ideas at all, depending on the occasion. You can keep the neck piece as simple as possible or none at all. There’s no doubt that I love this blouse.

That’s all for our TOP 5|the streets of Ankara third edition. Watch out for the fourth edition soon and always remember not to take the attention away from your Ankara masterpiece. Have fun and enjoy walking in KAYOJA Streets of Ankara.


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