Versatility. Blazers are awesome and they are a MUST HAVE for every man because they are so versatile. Whether casual or formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. Now, here are some tips to look amazing in blazer.


Plaids are more wearable button ups for just about any occasion. This makes them a perfect pairing for just about any blazer but should be styled carefully cause it’s easier to wear plaids with a plain blazer. Although when wearing mixed prints (both shirt and blazer), colors and patterns should be considered. 


Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt is a little bit more casual. It has a chill feel to it. If you’re going for this look, I recommend going with a v-neck sometimes rather than a round neck tee. It looks a little bit better with the lapel of the blazer.


Wearing blazers with a nice pair of jeans gives a totally cool way to dress up a casual look. Although, ripped and distressed jeans can add spice to your interesting look.


For those more formal events, you can’t go wrong with this classic pairing. You can mix and match almost any dress shirt and tie to create an awesome look that works with your style.


If you don’t feel like getting all buttoned up, opt for a polo shirt. It is still a nice look but not as formal feeling as a button up. Plus, if you want a sporty look, this is definitely the right way.

Get personalized blazer recommendations from expert stylists and fashion designers . The stylists can help you find the perfect blazer for your body type, coloring and style preferences. 

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