The world’s most expensive handbag sold at auction for N59,433,200, costs as much as a house in Lekki

Hermès Birkin Bags are known to be pretty pricey, in fact much more than just pricey sef. If you aren’t among the elite in the society, as in really elite, not some local-around-the-corner celeb oh, an A-list news maker, you can’t afford it, you wont try it, unless you want to use your life savings to buy it though, no harm there, please by all means knock yourself out.

2015, the year a lot of interesting things happened, a pink diamond studded Birkin, held the record as the most expensive handbag in the world and was sold for $220,000. Its quite a beauty though, and only a few would understand why its worth more than the average 3 bedroom house in Lagos.

Pink Diamod Studded Birkin
Previously the most expensive handbag, sold for $220,000 in 2015

Well this year, as a matter of fact this past week, another Hermès Birkin bag, a rare Himalayan crocodile Birkin with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds, broke that same world record, becoming the most expensive bag in the world, was sold to an anonymous buyer at Christie’s auction for $300,168, a whopping N59,433,264 considering the current soaring price of the dollar in our blessed Naija. I am pretty sure that money can buy a 4 bedroom building in Lekki Phase 1 if I’m not wrong.

Hermès Birkin Bag worth $300,168
The rare Himalayan crocodile Birkin with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds

Earlier in the year, Linda Ikeji, the popular Lifestyle blogger, was bombarded on Social Media for flaunting a fake Hermès Birkin bag that she said was worth N4.4 Million. The authenticity of the handbag was never really confirmed though. When i came across this record breaking news, it got me wondering,” What if she was the one who bought that bag? The name of the buyer would have certainly not been anonymous”, because i know my Naija people, we like to show ourselves well now. We can’t buy a handbag for N59,000,000 and keep it on the hush now, for what?

Like i said earlier, Hermès Birkin bags are not for the average lady so if you see anyone carrying one, the original, not some Aba or China knock-off, clear road! She’s gotta be a Bosslady, the Boss’s lady or anyone else, but certainly above the average lady.

Miranda Kerr and her Birkin. Credit Rex
Miranda Kerr, carrying her Birkin bag.
Kris Jenner, carrying her red Birkin bag
Kris Jenner, all smiles with her Red birkin in hand.

Initial report and Images of the Hermès Birkin bag courtesy of The Telegraph

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