The Uniqueness of a Slim tie

The length and width of men’s ties have changed over the years, especially with the introduction of slim fit shirts and jackets. The skinny tie is a men accessory that was first introduced in the late 1960s though they are highly fashionable and season specified but are clothing accessories that every male must have in his closet. The skinny necktie is a men’s tie that has the width of 1.5 – 2.5 inches. Going skinny with your tie provides a more retro look, while going wider creates a more traditional look. Skinny ties can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Because of it’s slenderness of skinny ties, coordinating attire should be properly fitted to create a cohesive look.

If you are not planning to wear a suit or jackets, the hottest formal looks we are seeing is the pairing of a bright solid coloured tie with a dark coloured dress shirt.

The tie will poop against the shirt and create a bold statement. If the dark shirt is not your thing, opt for a skin colour with a colour that is lighter than the necktie for a dashing look.

For a more casual look, wearing a coloured shirt with skinny tie which is knotted tightly or left loosened. Your choice though.

Fashion rules for skinny neckties.

  1. Match with a suit lapel. Skinny ties are more fashionable with narrow lapels.
  2. Skinny ties look best with one or two button suit or blazer.
  3. Do not wear a dress shirt with a wide spread collar when wearing skinny ties. The best shirts collars have a medium to narrow collar spread. Also, button down collars are less suited for narrow neckties.
  4. Match the narrow tie with a smaller , slightly asymmetric tie knot.
  5. Skinny ties looks best on slim men. Chubby or plus size men should not wear a slim tie.
  6. Keep the pattern and colour, simple and very modern.
  7. Add a tie clip. They come in gold or silver colours. Either of them can be worn.

Well, personally I like the slim tie on men in the causal form. I think they kinda look handsome, especially if he has a good physique. LOL. I hope I have been helpful with your choices?

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