The ultimate guide to native wears for men

Native wear, traditional attire, asoebi or native outfit; whatever you want to call it – is common to Africa and Asia with a clear disparity between the styles of both continents. So to be precise, we are talking about African-native attires for men.

The clothes of each tribes has always been native to us, the differences lies in the style, cut and decor. The While the Asians will definitely have names they call the different pieces of their native attires and other velvety attachments, we as Nigerians love to stick with our native tongues by calling ours ‘kaftan, agbada and sokoto’, it keeps our hearts at home.

The trend has grown over centuries to be more refined as we have evolved as humans. Now, there’s a modern touch and twist to the native wears. However as much as we have evolved, sewing as a skill is only limited to those designers and tailors who are well skilled. In other words, there are still situations where you need to know the rules to be able to get the best out of your style.

Some of the general rules guiding men’s native wears includes the following;

  • Your native trouser length must get to the top of your shoes and not underneath, except that’s the statement you are trying to make.
  • Accessories like your lapels pins and cuff-links should be at the appropriate places to add the swag.
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The industrial tidal fashion has changes, so we need to change along with it. These are native styles for men you might want to try out. Cheers!

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