The reason for our “French leave”

Hello there awesome Fashionistas! So sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while now. We know you may have noticed that we haven’t posted any articles lately, it’s completely unintentional.

We are working through some logistical issues, of which we are glad to say that we almost have it all sorted out, just a few more steps.

In the meantime though, we would like to say that we appreciate your dropping by. Just knowing that you are reading this means a lot to us, it also means too that we are gradually gaining the intended recognition in the fashion world. Our absence from circulation may have dampened things, but it’s only a stepping stone. We just took time-out to get things straightened out.

That said, we know a lot more is expected from us now, so we have to put in a lot more work. We are of course, all in for putting in as much work as needed to keep the quality content we are gradually getting known for, coming. So we guarantee that our readers will be pleased without a doubt at what we will be coming up with in no distant time.

Our “Diamonds in the rough, designers of tomorrow ” article will be back with a 3rd edition, featuring fashions brands that will amaze you. We’ve got a number of look books and collections from different fashion brands also coming up from within and outside Africa, along with numerous interesting fashion related articles, gossips, fashion tips for both ladies and gents alike, and everything in between.

The next few months, in fact sef, from here on,  our readers and followers should expect unbridled inspiration, information and entertainment. We won’t be holding anything back. It’s all in for us, full clips, firing off like an M60 in the hands of a schizophrenic, yet with the pin-point accuracy of a bow and arrow in the hands of… The Arrow.

Till next time guys, stay safe, stay fresh, stay fly, stay stylish, stay true to your nature, and don’t forget to slay while at it.


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    1. Thank you for your interest Mohammed Sully. Please indicate which items you wish to order and we will guide you on how to.

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