The fashion habits of a career woman|Ideas on corperate styles

So ladies, I think it is right to say that some of us have those amazing career women we admire and consider as role models, right? I bet you also wonder what their habits are too and want to know why many of them look powerful, graceful and stylish all at the same time? Well, i suggest you read on.

For a career woman, the goal is ‘world domination’. Yes!!!, Well maybe not in the literal sense of the term, but at least she wants to dominate her world. This means staying on top of work, family, friends and life. Career women almost always are seen as superwomen because of all the things they oversee and the fact that many of them are able to get tough situations under control and make it look easy. it’s simply amazing.

We should all bare in mind that there are a couple of strategies these strong women follow that helps them to maintain that dominant look. These fashion rules or guidelines (if we can call them that) are always adhered to by these women in order for them to be given the respect they are accorded.

1. Dress like the person you want to be: If your boss wears a suit and you want to be a boss someday, wear a suit too. One of the biggest tips is to dress as if you are successful.

“Dress the way you wish to be addressed”

2. Overdress rather than underdress: Standout for being the best dressed, rather than for not wearing the appropriate attire. Its also important that you opt for work appropriate clothing rather than one may have been better fitted for a date or an outing with the girls. Be more professional than too exposed.

3. Do your research: So you got posted to a new branch of your company or maybe just got that dream job, bravo baby! But before your first day though, do your research to find out how everyone else dresses to the office, the prevailing dress code for lack of a better term, just so you don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons.

4. Be comfortable: As important as it is to look stunning to work, your comfort measures up. When you are aware that you not only look great and gorgeous, but feel comfortable as well, you will feel more comfortable and confident at work.

5. Do not over do it: When accessorizing for work, simplicity is the key. You don’t want to show up looking like a chandelier with so much bling, looking like might as well be showing for a video shoot. Tune it down baby. Again “simplicity is the key”.

Smart women visualize success and they devote time to trying to ignite their ambition, but they do this with style and have devised ways to carry themselves, speak and look. Style and substance are not mutually exclusive, rather they both reinforce and reflect a position of power and confidence. Having a style is recognizable and it’s the time visual people require to enable them associate with you correctly.

These are the true fashion habits of a career woman. We hope you’ve admired and we hope you’ve learnt of few things today.

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