THE CLASSIC MAN|Picking the right shoes and belts


One of the first things people notice when we dress up are our shoes and as it has been said, “the shoes make the man“. Having the right accessories compliments a man’s style, that’s a fact. The belt for instance serves a dual purpose; it holds up the pants and also completes the outfit, giving it that striking look of wholeness.

Most men are comfortable in certain types of shoes and really do not consider style. There are some others who do not know what type of shoe to wear on what and for what. There are casual shoes and sneakers, boots, dress shoes and everything in between. Here are a few guidelines that will aid in picking the right shoes for your outfit.

1. Choose a shoe that either matches or is a little darker than the pants you are wearing. Same goes for the belts.


2.  Always choose fit over style. Do not choose a shoe just cause you think it compliments your outfit or cause you like it. Make sure it is a perfect size which should have about an inch space between your toes and the shoe.


3. Your belt should match your shoe color. Never use a black shoe with a brown belt. Use leather belts to match the color of leather shoes.  And glossy belts should go with dressier shined shoes.


4. When pulling off a casual look with your canvas belt, be sure to choose a narrow one in the same color as that favorite sneakers you wish to wear.


5. Match your belt buckle to the metals you’re wearing. If you’re putting on a long sleeve shirt, go for gold cuff-links, as well as a gold wrist watch, and gold tie clip, make sure to match it with gold belt buckle. If you are going for a silver belt buckle, match it with a silver wrist watch.


6. Remember, if you are going for the more formal/dressy look, the thinner the belt, the more formal or dressier it is.


Finally, do not imagine that a 42β€³ belt is meant for someone who wears a 42β€³ waist – it will be too short. When shopping for a belt it is best to try it on with dress pants. What you will find is that the one that fits correctly will end up being about one-to-two sizes larger.

Oh also guys, here are a few quick tips to help you color match your look with your shoes;

  • Burgundy shoes work well with khaki, lighter browns, blue and grey.
  • Black shoes work well with navy, grey or black pants.
  • Tan shoes look great with lighter earth tones, blue, beige, lighter tan or white.
  • Brown shoes are best suited to tan, brown, beige, greens, other darker earth tones.

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