THE BUSH MAN| A St. Morgan collection

Simi Siwoku, the owner of the luxury brand, African designer label St. Morgan, comes out with this interestingly creative collection called “BUSH MAN”. When we hear the words “Bush man”, it instinctively reminds us of the tribes of the San, Khwe and Basarwa people found in the Kalahari desert in Botswana and in Namibia and South Africa.

Secluded from civilization, these tribes thrive in a society where the laws and restraints of the modern society doesn’t exist nor hold sway. A society where one isn’t judged by what or how he or she chooses to dress or carry him or herself, as they are often sparsely clad. When they do dress up, a patch of animal skin is used to cover the private parts.These tribes have remained uninfluenced and untainted by the fast growing rate of civilization around them. They have stayed contented with their lives the way it was passed down to them from their fathers before them.

Uncivilized would be a great word with which to qualify these tribes. That happens to be what this St. Morgan’s collection is inspired by. An Uncivilized man. A man contented in his own world. A world without crime, devoid of rules and laws, law makers and enforcers. A world where there is no ruler or boss, no hierarchy or societal strata. A free world. A world where it is believed that the gods have blessed the earth with only good things, things of use to the Uncivilized man.



Clothing line: St. Morgan| @st.morgan
Brand owner: Simi Siwoku
Models: Mr. Fola | @fola_43 and @izubadman
Hair style: Bernard O| @bernardsmiless

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