Okay, so we all in the media world are familiar with the playful saying , that goes; ‘it’s ugly until rihanna says it’s not. Well, it is low-key true because this Parisian style became trendy when Rihanna was spotted in it late 2017, that was when we knew that berets were going on trend this year.

The Parisian style is something of a controversial fashion item because of it’s dual reputation of being showy and almost always impressive and also depends on whose head it’s seen on. The beret has always been respected as an item you wear when you want to make a military or political statement. So for many people who cannot navigate the middle of this fashion piece, it’s really hard to be into it, so they don’t even try. However, the Parisians have always been in love with this chic piece and it seems like the tides are turning in favour of it this year.

The hat’s historical and social context is one thing but as it seems that the fashion world is getting on and along side, the hat is stepping out of the mold and becoming a fabulous head piece for true fashion lovers. The beret comes in variances; style, texture and appearance. Some are made from the thickest wool, some of pure leather and some of wool and laced with leather. Also, there are those made from faux leather, so you definitely have that mix of texture. However, whatever type of beret you wear will determine how balanced your look will be. Lets take a look at the sleek ways some fashion bloggers and celebrities rock their beret style:


These celebrities and fashion bloggers brings the beret trend to life. I hope they inspire you too to try it out?

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