ATHLEISURE, 5 Golden Rules For A ‘Stay’ Trend

What is Athleisure? Casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Clothing like yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings etc.  Blame it on designer athleisures, but there’s hardly a man or woman who doesn’t rock in them be it on the school run, in the line for morning coffee, over a business lunch, or even drinks, performance wear as everyday wear … Continue reading ATHLEISURE, 5 Golden Rules For A ‘Stay’ Trend

5 suits every man should own in his wardrobe.

Every modern day man should own a well tailored suit. I mean, I think having one just has to be a basic requirement for every male wardrobe. You can have pairs of jeans, dress pants, patterned or plain shirts, polos, T-shirts and native outfits(for the African man proud of his heritage), but you can’t go without owning a suit if you want to really express … Continue reading 5 suits every man should own in his wardrobe.

5 Easy Style Rules For College Students

Colleges and Universities are considered to be extremely serious environments where learning and only learning takes place. Nevertheless, education is of high importance especially in the kind of society we’re in today but students can’t attend classes naked and they will have to dress in a way morally pleasing to the society and school. However, dressing morally doesn’t stop you from exploring fashion or craving … Continue reading 5 Easy Style Rules For College Students

GENTS|4 ways to choose the right necktie

In my previous post, I mentioned 4 things to know when choosing a necktie and I promised that the post would be continued. Apparently, today’s post, “4 Ways to choose the right necktie” is a continuation of my previous one. The following are how to choose the right necktie. 1. WEAR THE PERFECT TIE FOR THE PERFECT OCCASION   There is time for everything and this applies … Continue reading GENTS|4 ways to choose the right necktie

GENTS|4 things to know when choosing a neck tie

In life, they say ‘behind every great man is a greater woman’ but when it concerns men’s style, I would say ‘behind every great knot is a greater man’. A tie is a powerful accessory, it is one of the first things people notice when you suit up. A nice tie sets you apart from others and can easily distinguish you as a classy man. … Continue reading GENTS|4 things to know when choosing a neck tie

Current Trend|Side-striped pants for men

Of all the strange outcomes of menswear’s recent fashionable pieces, the ones that have refused to go and even pretty much broke some major rules as to how they are worn, are the Side-Striped pants. The most pleasing has been the cross-pollination between styles that never used to speak to each other. The side-strip joggers or pants used to belong to the family of sweat … Continue reading Current Trend|Side-striped pants for men

Effortlessly Gent|5 RULES TO LOOKING DAPPER 

Every non-fashionable man can relate how difficult it can get when trying to keep trends. I’m also very sure all women can relate to the struggle of having a man with a weak sense of fashion. It might be adorable at first but as time goes on, you might start wishing your man looked a little more Noble Igwe and a little less Yul Edochie.  … Continue reading Effortlessly Gent|5 RULES TO LOOKING DAPPER 


In October 2017, we published the second edition of the Streets of Ankara and here we are six months later with the third edition and as you know, The Streets of Ankara is a periodic article where we feature our top 5 best Ankara street wears from a time period with reasons why we love them. In no maintained order, here are Kayoja Top 5 Ankara … Continue reading TOP 5|THE STREETS OF ANKARA (THIRD EDITION)

KOCHHOUSE | The Year of the Gentleman.

When it comes to fashion for the discerning gentleman, the Nigerian brand that should come to mind is Kochhouse. This brand has over the past couple of years, built and by every right, earned their reputation from crafting classy, contemporary and street styles outfits, which upholds and reflects the styles of a true debonair gentleman. The brand was officially founded in 2012 by Nonye Nkwocha, … Continue reading KOCHHOUSE | The Year of the Gentleman.


It is quite confusing why the harmattan season ran off pretty fast and the rainy weather can be a bit unfriendly though still a little nice. However, the temperature around this part of the world is high, everywhere is damn hot. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can make the best of what we’ve got – that means reviving those camisoles … Continue reading 16 PERFECT LOOKS TO COPY THIS MARCH


Hahaha shorts to the office?? That’s strange. Right? As you already know, when temperature changes, the dress codes also change. Maxis give way to mini and pants give way to shorts. All o that is well and accepted on the weekends but during the weekday it can lead to questionable workwear choices that may not adhere to the office dress code ethics. Shorts, remain one … Continue reading CAN YOU WEAR SHORTS TO THE OFFICE?


Going to church in Nigeria is a big deal for people. They are beginning to make it seem like going to church is all about fashion, not God anymore. However, this isn’t about the Christian but what the Christian wears to church. So, yeah it is church! Remember you’re not supposed to wear what will distract people’s attention from God to you, right? Here are … Continue reading AFRICAN STYLE GOES TO CHURCH


The founder and creative director of Yomi Casual Fashion brand, Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun to celebrate his 33rd birthday launched a limited edition beach/summer wear for the smart and elegant man. This is definitely serving as birthday cake for us or should I call it birthday souvenir? Oh yes! Birthday souvenir. So for that man who wants to look ‘fia fia’ for ‘summer’ or that lady … Continue reading YOMI CASUAL – BEACH WEAR BIRTHDAY SOUVENIRS


It may be a twinkle of an eye to overhaul an entire closet with a six figure salary and a stylist on speed dial, but the question for many of us is how do you go making changes if your bank account is more fruit juice than champagne? Whether you feel the urge to smarten up or you are just fed up with being asked … Continue reading 5 WAYS TO REITERATE YOUR STYLE ON A BUDGET


If everyone loves denim jackets, who wouldn’t love hand painted denim jackets??? These style of jackets may not have trended in 2017 but I can bet that they will trend in 2018. They are unique and one can actually express one’s self through them. Hand painted denim jackets are not meant for women alone, men and even kids can have them. Is someone about to … Continue reading HAND PAINTED DENIM JACKETS


It’s one of the most widespread and recognizable designs in the world. It’s designs come in almost every color and shade under the sun. Plaid isn’t the pattern’s proper name, that honor goes to the word ‘Tartan’. Tartan is a patter consisting of cross-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. … Continue reading TARTANS TO PLAIDS


The harmattan season is gradually setting in as the end of the raining season approaches. Trends for the harmattan season should allow us be comfortable, protect our skins from the harsh weather condition as we still effortlessly remain on top our stylishness. Even though the weather is still humid, there are still a couple ways that you can revamp your wardrobe for the cold & … Continue reading NIGERIA | HARMATTAN STYLE 


I really don’t know what’s happening to this generation but recently there have been this pyjamas vogue where some people decide to street style their pyjamas during the day. Designers like Coco Chanel and Gucci have as well been making sales on them and trust me this trend is set to stick around.  I woke up one morning and wore a pair of yellow silk pyjama … Continue reading PYJAMAS VOGUE


Versatility. Blazers are awesome and they are a MUST HAVE for every man because they are so versatile. Whether casual or formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. Now, here are some tips to look amazing in blazer. WITH PLAID SHIRTS Plaids are more wearable button ups for just about any occasion. This makes them … Continue reading MEN|BLAZING HOT