If everyone loves denim jackets, who wouldn’t love hand painted denim jackets??? These style of jackets may not have trended in 2017 but I can bet that they will trend in 2018. They are unique and one can actually express one’s self through them. Hand painted denim jackets are not meant for women alone, men and even kids can have them. Is someone about to … Continue reading HAND PAINTED DENIM JACKETS

Colored Wedding Dresses

When the  term “wedding dress” is mentioned, the color white comes to mind, doesn’t it? Well, i guess my mind is wired differently. Black happens to be my go-to color for a wedding dress. Read also: “You can’t wear a black wedding dress? Why? Color me weird, yes, go ahead.  Anyway I’m not now going talk about the concept of a black wedding dress now. … Continue reading Colored Wedding Dresses


Aside diamonds, we can all say a woman’s best friends are her shoes and every lover of fashion whether basic or complex knows that a great look is built from the ground up – and that starts with amazing pair of shoes.  From Birkenstock’s easy-chic slides to Christian Louboutin’s glam heels and all the sandals, boots and pumps in between.  Here are 5 shoes every … Continue reading REWIND TO BASICS – 5 SHOES EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN


The truth about really stylish people is that they know how to own a look and make it theirs. Nigerian style influencer and fashion stylist, Jennifer Oseh does exactly this. Everything she puts on looks like it was custom made for her and like we say here in Nigeria ‘if you know, you know’. So here are Jennifer Oseh’s 5 best street style looks: This … Continue reading 5 BEST STREET STYLE LOOKS OF JENNIFER OSEH

5 ways to always look good while wearing light and airy clothes. 

Hmmm, i hate, hate, hate heat. I pretty much have to be mentally and physically prepared to experience a hot weather. But in this part of the continent Africa, where our weather is unpredictable, we should always brace ourselves for whatever the climate throws our way. The feeling of being uncomfortable and sweaty can actually be avoided.  So i have decided to help out by … Continue reading 5 ways to always look good while wearing light and airy clothes. 

You can’t wear a black wedding dress. Why? 

I personally love black, maybe not ’cause it’s a neutral color but cause I’m African. I deeply love and appreciate my black skin, my black hair and my black clothes LOL. No! I’m not getting wedded soon but my love for black wouldn’t let me betray it totally on my wedding day so I decided that I’d wear a black dress. I told my mom … Continue reading You can’t wear a black wedding dress. Why? 

Five Street Style Trends To Know From HLFDW

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week isn’t short of style inspiration on the streets. What are our fashion editors, fashion bloggers, fashion stylists and fashion designers wearing now? Here’s our round up on the new playful mood set to inspire your wardrobe… PlayGirl: She sure knows how to play with colors and designs cleverly. The black hoodie, the monochrome trench coat, the two shades of coral … Continue reading Five Street Style Trends To Know From HLFDW


The harmattan season is gradually setting in as the end of the raining season approaches. Trends for the harmattan season should allow us be comfortable, protect our skins from the harsh weather condition as we still effortlessly remain on top our stylishness. Even though the weather is still humid, there are still a couple ways that you can revamp your wardrobe for the cold & … Continue reading NIGERIA | HARMATTAN STYLE 


Versatility. Blazers are awesome and they are a MUST HAVE for every man because they are so versatile. Whether casual or formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. Now, here are some tips to look amazing in blazer. WITH PLAID SHIRTS Plaids are more wearable button ups for just about any occasion. This makes them … Continue reading MEN|BLAZING HOT

Know Monotone, No Boredom!

While it doesn’t require cracking your head over mix and match ‘wahala’, dressing in monotone does require an effort to get it right. Monotone tout-ensemble can turn out terrible if wrongly done.Wearing same color full length can be boring if you dont know the cheats. So here’s how to rock monotone the KAYOJA way! KNOW THE BASICS Pick a color that compliments your skin; for … Continue reading Know Monotone, No Boredom!


Most people don’t like accessories much and sometimes it is a case of mere necessities: a wrist watch “so we are not late” and a bag “so we don’t load our pockets too much“. Unless you are one who enjoys squinting at the sun, sunglasses fit well and into fashion essentials. A nice pair of shades not only protects your eyes, they can also be … Continue reading A SHORTCUT TO LOOKING SPECtacular

FOR THE LADIES|7 tips on how to style your boot-cut pants

Make your pants look more professional with a top and fitted blazer. You sure do not want to look underdressed for that seminar or business meting so keep it soft, yet classy and like a boss.   Keep it casual and smart with a beautiful pair of ripped denim, a tee, some jewelries, and a hat if you like. This way you’ll sure look smart … Continue reading FOR THE LADIES|7 tips on how to style your boot-cut pants


The 2017 Glitz Style Awards which took place on Saturday, the August 19th, 2017 at the Muvenpic Ambassador Hotel in Accra. The awards which is the biggest fashion night in Ghana brought a blend of color, pattern, garishness, elegance, austerity and trendy fashion in one auditorium. The highlight of the event was when the Second Lady of Ghana, Hajia Samira Bawumia, was named the Style … Continue reading GLITZ STYLE AWARDS 2017

“Dress the way you wish to be addressed”

It is a really simple concept, but it will amaze you how little some people who live in this our modern day and time of heightened fashion awareness grasp it. Yes i know the idea of being stylish is relative, it doesn’t have a fixed form, but depends on personal preference. What i consider to be stylish might just end up being tacky to you. … Continue reading “Dress the way you wish to be addressed”

The reason for our “French leave”

Hello there awesome Fashionistas! So sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while now. We know you may have noticed that we haven’t posted any articles lately, it’s completely unintentional. We are working through some logistical issues, of which we are glad to say that we almost have it all sorted out, just a few more steps. In the meantime though, we would like … Continue reading The reason for our “French leave”