Sunglasses| The retro cat-eyed glasses

This is one piece that has gone out of style over the years and it’s back in a grand manner and we are so living for it right now. This classic piece is one when owned, you can’t do without. The most interesting part is that it fits all kind of faces; Round, oval, square and so on. Choosing a pair of these glasses means you can stick to the basics of going for iconic pieces; the heart shape, the glass with the crystal embellishment, tinted lens for colour lovers and the box cut. Either of the pieces you pick, ensure it’s tilted in a way it looks like you are giving a knowing gaze.

Loot Love poses with a white piece with a rose gold tint in its basic shape. Fabulous and simple if you ask me though.

Metallic goodness nd smeared lips

Jenny rieu giving us the 1930’s with a futuristic twist. Now this we love.

My glasses, nails and mug of coffee should tell all you need know.

Tanya kupelian, fashion blogger in an all black piece on a colourful jacket giving us the bad chic chills.

Red; Colour of hearts

This piece is a blue-black colour with transparent glass and a gold plates hand. This was paired with a white tank and a deep blue with yellow striped culottes.

There are many shapes, types, colours and texture out in the market to inspire you . We love the cateyed glasses and will rock it come rain or sunshine. Well, mostly sunshine but then you get the drift. Cheers

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