Stylish Ways To Wear Sneakers To Work.

Wearing sneakers to work can be a very ticklish task and can be tricky to pull off. If you are considering going the sneakers-to-work way though, you have to consider the nature of your job and of course the dress code in effect at your work place. We don’t want you to catch the wrath of your superiors all because you want to look like the stylish bloke at the office now, do we? That said, being creative is a key in figuring out what to blend with a pair of sneakers to avoid looking too informal or breaking the rules since sneakers are known for its casualness.

We have handpicked unfussy outfit ideas that you can wear with sneakers and look impressive without breaking the rules.

  • Pairing sneakers with a complete and formal suit is a great deal if gotten right. You need a rather strong backbone to try this because pairing sneakers with a complete or formal suit is considered a fashion sin, so you have to be rest assured that you will raise a few eyebrows. The rules here are, stick to plain sneakers, preferably plain flat ones, with a slim formal belt and if wearing a tie is part of your outfit, stick to the slim neck tie which must complement the colour of your sneakers. Go ahead and try it, i’m sure you will thank me later.

  • A blazer, chinos and a pair of plain sneakers will definitely give you an impressive look. Two ways you can achieve this, is by pairing the triad with a dress shirt or crew neck T-shirt.

  • Denim jacket and a chinos trousers will accord you a cool and classic look. There are a few ways you can pull off this impressive look. Whatever you do though, be sure to go for a colour that complements the chinos and the plain sneakers. The preferred combo is a white crew neck T-shirt with denim jacket and chinos. It is a style you should give some consideration.

  • A monochrome smart formal outfit is sometimes boring since it’s all about wearing clothes with the same hue or shades of color. However, pairing of plain, complementing sneakers will add a striking effect to this look and can give you a distinct formal-casual look.

  • A sweater with wool pants. Remember that you are going to work , so anything loud will not be accepted. I’d advice, to keep it simple but classy, opt in for a darker hue of the wool pants. No printed designs nor fanciful colours, rather keep it plain, “simple is the new classy”.

Did you notice how many times you came across the phrase “plain sneakers”? Well it is the key to pulling this off. Always, i repeat “always” go for a plain sneakers, with minimal or no designs at all. High top sneakers are not an ideal option. The dress pants or chinos must be tapered and the shirts must be well fitted.

These style ideas and tips can place you in the not-too-formal and not-too-casual category at work. So go ahead, give them a try, i’m sure you achieve that thrilling casual look that you long for.

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