When it comes to party dress, there’s no better feeling than being able to wear it more than once. No one says people won’t notice (cause some ‘tatafo’ are actually watching from a mile away), but it’s going to be totally different from how they saw you wear it the last time they did.


The dress to be styled in 6 different ways

However, styling one dress in different ways isn’t a totally easy task; you’re going to get confused at some point but at that point when you get confused and run out of options, we would be here to help you get back in the game.

So today, we’re styling one piece six different ways…

KayojaThe black dress styled with a nice vintage earring and a soft tummy belt on really cute toes cap pump. 


For a Friday night out, the dress, styled with a crop faux fur jacket, a sandal and scarf.


Style your beautiful dress with this glittery mesh top. You want to know how? Okay. Wear your mesh top and wear the dress on the top accessorized with a pair of chic sandals and a clutch.

Kayoja Style your party dress with an ankle boot, a tummy belt and a hat for the boss chic look. 

KayojaYou can decide to dress down but while you  feel dressed down to you, others feel it’s a whole lot of glam. This is definitely a sure bet to looking casual but not casual. Style your dress with a glittery sweater, a pair of ankle strap heels and a nice wrist watch. 

KayojaIt’s a weekend and you want to look smart but yet classy, try out the same party dress with a tee(either plain or graphic), your pair of sneakers and a really handy bag.

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