The businessman and blogger Noble Igwe certainly is the most fashionable man in the city of Lagos. He is the CEO of and when fashion is concerned he is super super dope. So much isn’t known about his personal life although he has been married for over a year with a child.

Noble Igwe

We were curious about Noble Igwe’s style so we looked a little deeper. His love for African prints is natural and he tends to have a blend of both English and Ankara prints once in a while.

The blogger has definitely deserved some accolades and admiration when he appeared on the red carpet and on Mauritius. He recorded the media conference he attended in a series of Instagram pictures, having chronicled various TV personalities, celebrities, journalists and bloggers all over Africa. That’s where his impeccable style was spotted! It’s beautiful, indigenous and classy at the same time – all qualities that would make one irresistible.

Kayoja He loves agbada so much that he Styles it better than the Yoruba demons. His love for shoes and hats is overwhelming. He’s super star extraordinaire and there’s no doubt about that.

Kayoja Kayoja Kayoja KayojaKayoja
Achieving Noble Igwe’s style isn’t such a difficult thing to do, all you need to know are the basics; mix and match, fabric with primary/secondary colors and learning to blend colors with your skin tone and patterns with your body size.

Now we know Noble Igwe loves colors, African prints, hats and some class.

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