A perfect gentleman is defined by his politeness, charisma and lots more, including his sense of style. He can also be called a sartorialist; a gotten from “sartorial” which essentially means to be clad in immaculate, well cut pieces that are perfectly tailored to the body. Most stylish men and women are found to be sartorial and Gabriel Akinosho is one of these people.


I know the name Akinosho sounds familiar. Yes! I earlier did a writeup of his twin sister; Sade Akinosho also a style inspiration for the ladies which got me thinking; if brother and sister are such stylish sensation, how would the parents be? Or their children? In fact, the whole family? I wonder.

“My doppleganger; Sade Akinosho (@s4de_u)”
“Don’t you wish your sister is hot like mine”

Not deviating from the main gist today; who happens to be Gabriel Akinosho is a male style blogger who gets others in the craft on their toes. And by others, we mean the ladies too. With a sense of style that screams masculinity so loud it’s deafening, Akinosho has slayed his way into our hearts.

“Getting to know me?”

We believe one of Gabriel’s key to a wonderful style game is his attention to detailing. His uncanny approach to very little things and his overall finish is to nothing but perfection. The London-based blogger is the creative director at Albert clothings and one-third of the uber stylish Akinosho trio. He basks in tailor made pieces, redefining the very act of dapper dressing. Even in a casual laid-back look, he thrives.

“It’s green from this end”
“Envy my style?”

His ability to accessorize succinctly is second to none, embodying what the typical stylish man should be. Discovered via Instagram where he has become a delight and style inspiration to many men. He started his journey on social media with a brown tassel shoe. His style, albeit so young at that time has grown and matured over the years.

“First Instagram post”

He has been married for 5 years to an equally stylish wife; Yuki Akinosho and has two beautiful children, one of which he has introduced to the style game. You know what they say; ‘ catch them young’. The fashionista is making sure to keep it running in the family.

“My partner in everything; my wife @yukiakinosho”
“He has to start learning to look good always”

Akinosho is a firm believer in the fact that ‘life is art’. You can tell a stylish man from his love of the finer things in life. For Gabriel, it’s perfect wardrobe goals and love for hats.

Wardrobe goals
For the love of hats

From the clean cut suit to long line jacket to the choicest shoes and accessories, Gabriel Akinosho is the man all men should aspire to be. Be like him.


Instagram: @Gabrielakinosho.


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