STYLE CRUSH|Reprudencia Sonkey, The Queen of Matamba

Reprudencia Sonkey, DENCIA as she is known, is a U.S based singer with dual nationality; Cameroon and Nigerian, born in 1985. She is also a fashion designer, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She studied at the fashion institute of design and merchandising, Santa Monica College, Pierce College and U.S.C .

Dencia i As a designer, she has created looks for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Christina Milian and Lil’ mama. She is known for her bold and fierce fashion statement and appearances on red carpets, like the AMA’s , the Grammys and the Billboard music awards as well as her skincare line Whitenicious. However, we will be looking at her fashion sense today, afterall she is the “Queen of Matamba”Reprudencia sonkey She lives a very stylish lifestyle, she doesn’t just always wear some of the latest pieces but always personalises these looks to suit her personality. Dencia doesn’t stop – she is not one to gloss over important things, and at a closer glimpse, you tend to realise that her stylishness suits her public image in a huge way. Her fashion ideas means thinking out of the box . Whether on red carpet or not, Dencia makes a splash. Dencia Dencia Dencia; queen of matamba Sometimes being a little extra is necessary when related to fashion but for Dencia, it’s her way of life as well as what she enjoys. Dencia; queen of matamba Queen of matamba Queen of matamba

Reprudencia Sonkey is a fabulous mom of 3, grand and full of life which reflects on what she’s honoured. I hope you have been inspired.

A little tip though- if you love being extra, then ‘Dencia‘ is your girl because she is the “Queen of Matamba – the King of all things funky”.

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