The snapbacks and baseball caps have always been trendy and for a very long time will still remain trendy. People feel that baseball caps are best worn with a graphic tee or a polo and a pair of jeans or a skirt. But I personally feel it can be worn on anything depending on your choice of fashion. So I ask a question, how do you wear your caps? Can you wear them on agbada and sokoto? Or on buba and wrapper? Funny right? You would look very crazy. Here are ways you can rock your favourite snapbacks or baseball caps.

You can stylishly wear a pair of ripped jeans and a nice t-shirt on your vans, and then a baseball cap on your head.


Nice right? I thought so too. It is my favourite look. Be it mom or skinny jeans, you are set out to slay.

Another recent trend I have found out is the baseball cap on a suit. I wonder how you can look so formal and then crown it with a cap, a baseball cap at that? Very weird. I was against it till I saw songwriter and singer Coke Swindell in this look.

screenshot_20171029-0818191362237025.jpgI think it poses to give that boss look, I mean the “real mvp” style. But you can go wrong with this look if you don’t know how to style it. The colour of shirt or tie worn in the suit should be the colour of cap on. You can’t go wrong with this combination.

The baseball cap on ankara outfit trend, sweet. I have seen this look couple of times on friends and family. Again I didn’t dig it at first but when it became a common trend and I started to see the beauty in it. An Ankara print shirt on a short and white sneakers makes for a good combo. To add more style, pair your cap with sunglasses like Lade did here. It can be worn during hiking. Nigerian comedian, Bovi was also seen in this trend.

The pinaffore look is also hot. It presents the kind of casual appearance I dig. Wearing a plain graphic tee as an inner for your denim pinnafore and your pair of all star sneakers with an off coloured baseball cap is the deal.

Caps can complement gowns too. Our Nigerian actress Adunni Ade sure knows how to rock her face caps and she is an inspiration on this one. First picture shows Adunni on a blue dress with a compliment cap of same colour and a brown shoulder purse. In the second, she is on maxi dress and a green facecap and a slipper. For both outfits either slippers or sandals can work.

screenshot_20171101-161952841719930.jpgI really like the facecap trend because it serves multiple functions for me. And I know it can serve better purposes for you too.


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