SHOPPING TIPS|How to avoid a bad buy day

Well, well, well, who hasn’t has a bad shopping day? Raise your hands so we can identify you? Just kidding though. I am the ‘queen of bad buy days’. Like i feel it’s impossible for me to come home , after having high expectations before shopping, only to check my purchases and exclaim ‘what the heck was i thinking!?’ Or ‘why did i get this!?’ Or ‘do i really need this!?’. It seems funny but it actually happens. If you are guilty of these thoughts too, i guess it’s time to go with these few tips. Trust me when i say they will definitely help.

Have a solid but flexible plan. 
As boring as it sounds, having a workable plan can keep you from buying stuff you don’t need or even like.

Discounts can sometimes be tricky 
Taken in by a terrific discount? Don’t be, unless you actually are going to use or wear the item in question.

Try things on for size 
Whether it’s shoes or clothes, try them on. It may be time-consuming but this will eliminate the hassle of returns and refunds.54eba365d671a_-_trying-on-red-dress-xl894849392.jpg

Have a good budget and stick to it. 
It’s tempting to throw caution to the winds and spend a few bundles but we know how it ends right?  Stick to your budget please. 

Shop when you’re clear headed 
Please, please, please, most bad decisions during shopping are made when you are feeling sad , anxious or annoyed. So try not to shop when you are in a bad mood.

Shop around as much as possible 
Whether online or not, compare items, prices and deals before making a purchase.

These are my tips on how to avoid a bad buy day. Like, these have literally helped me get through the worst purchases. I know they will help you too.

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