I really don’t know what’s happening to this generation but recently there have been this pyjamas vogue where some people decide to street style their pyjamas during the day. Designers like Coco Chanel and Gucci have as well been making sales on them and trust me this trend is set to stick around. 

I woke up one morning and wore a pair of yellow silk pyjama and slipped on some pretty nice heeled sandals, majestically walked like a model on the runway to the mirror and trust me I didn’t like what I hate LOL.

It’s nice, it’s beautiful and I can style a client in some pairs of gorgeous pyjamas but I don’t see myself in them but then again I have this feeling that if pyjamas trend as daywear, lingeries might also have a place in the hearts of many as daywear.

Well, for the lovers of the pyjamas trend, here are some tips to guide you on how to rock your nightwear during the day and still look fabulous.

1. Wear a pyjama as you would a silk shirt, with a pencil skirt, maybe your favorite jeans or a palazzo pant. Tuck it in for a definition and push up the sleeves for an indifferent but casual appearance.

2.  Ordinarily, accessorizing you pyjama for daywear can be really confusing. Nevertheless, do not play with too much accessories especially when wearing a pair of same color and design. Light and simple accessories work better for pyjama of same color.

Also, styling pyjama of same print and color can be really fascinating cause when tucked in, an incredible jumpsuit effect is made which allows you to use a belt on this outfit too.
3. You can never go wrong when styling your pyjama with a jacket, denim or not and then accessorize with sunnies and a clutch.

There’s a really warm feel it gives. Even though you might feel not dressed, you’re actually perfectly dressed for whatever outing.
4. The pyjama set can be styled with a skirt. Whether a denim skirt, a midi ball skirt or a pencil skirt. It can work which ever way you choose. Just remember to keep the accessories dainty and you’d look effortlessly cool.

5. Either make or female, the pyjama set can be worn with sneakers and dress shoes like vintage oxford loafers.

Make sure to keep your looks quite simple, easy to relate to but very unique.

Those are few tips to guide you on how to style pyjama set. I’m still not going to rock this. I’m canceling this trend from my side. 

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