PINK – The new gold. See how your favourite style influencers are wearing theirs

You’ve gotta be impressed by the good vibe and creativity of many fashion lovers these days. The way they wear their pieces with so much love and joy. The confidence when they step out and the self awareness about their appearances. Well to the main gist, statistics shows that the colour pink is slowing taking grounds in the fashion world, even guys have been spotted in pink, a colour, previously perceived to be purely feminine.Β  I can hear the colur purple screaming, Nooooooooo!!!!; lol, Why do I play so much though? I don’t know.

You would remember at the start of the year, the colour that was used in Vogue were different shades of purple. Trust your fashion icons, the colour was rocked to the fullest. Although, the colour purple is still seen sparsely, PINK has come up and before it becomes an official trend , let me show you how your favourite influencers are styling it.


This is just a definition of ‘too much sauce’ . Definitely the ways to where pink before the year runs out. A little bit of glitter, shimmer and floral goodness adds glorious details to the outlook if you are going for pink.

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