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It started out as an idea about a year ago. An idea that has grown into what it is today, a go-to destination for all things African Fashion. With no clue as to how to begin or where to even start from and armed with nothing else but a keen interest in fashion and the passion to make a difference, we dabbled into it, accepting all the challenges that came our way as we trudged through the then treacherous and uncharted territories of running an online fashion platform.


Our campaign to bring our idea to realization and to set Kayoja on the world map of fashion through social media began on Instagram on the 10th day of June 2015,which was when we launched and uploaded our first post. Since then we haven’t relented. Though we have grown quite slowly and have little numbers compared to some other platforms in our niche. That said, we can say that we are proud of our organically grown numbers.

When we hit our first milestone achievement of 500 followers, it meant everything to us. We pretty much celebrated at the office when the figures came in. It meant that much.


Knowing that we were being accepted, despite our shortcomings, made us want to do more. So we kept at it, going a tad bit slow but very steady. Our next milestone achievement of 1000 followers was reached on the 7th of June 2016. And believe it, we were ecstatic.Screenshot

Although less celebration was done this time because we know we could have arrived at that number a lot earlier than we did, we still patted ourselves on the back in acknowledgment of this achievement. E nor easy…

Organically growing a social media following isn’t an easy task, especially when done with little experience and even less than little expert assistance. It has just been bootlegging all the way for us, kind of how we like it though. Going through the process of getting a hang of it all, planning, execution, experimentation, a few failures and slip-ups along the way, series of good results which of course help with morale boosting. Anyway, it has been an awesome experience, with something to learn at every other corner.

We know where we are headed, we know the future of Kayoja is going to be an exceptional one. We have been from the get-go, ready to face whatever challenges that we walk into, and we know there will be challenges,but dedication as a result of the passion have got for fashion, its growth in Africa and the role we intend to play in it, is what drives us. We will get there.

Author: Emeka Ugbah

First of all, thanks for visiting our blog. I am the founder and chief editor of this humble establishment, setup with the sole aim of promoting African fashion. Here at Kayoja Nigeria, we are proud of what we do and are open to learning as that's something we as humans should strive to always do. So by all means, leave us comments or constructive criticism whenever necessary. We hope you have enjoyed every second spent browsing through our posts and also found some tips or at least some aspects of content to be beneficial to you. Thanks for dropping by and by all means subscribe to be the first to receive our post via email. Catch you on the next post.

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