Okay , this choice of topic is overwhelming but let me just hint you. I am what you call an “hourglass figure ” lol…. and my favourite type of gowns are body cons.

Wearing a bodycon dress is a bold statement of self esteem and body confidence. The history of name of this dress boils up from the contradiction of the phrase “body conscious”. They are made from lycra composites and they cling tightly to the body, showing of the figure and leaving the mind of the beholder running wild. These are dresses that if not worn correctly, may spell disaster. So, everything worn above and underneath the dress has to be detailed and carefully chosen. These dresses can be accessorized for both day and evening wears. Bodycon dresses come in varieties. It’s either strapless or others with wide straps or sleeves. The neckline is typically low, showing a considerable amount of cleavage. Not everyone can wear these dresses. Only few can bring out the beauty of the dress with their bodies.

THE HOURGLASS FIGURE: These are women with equally generously proportioned hips and chest and well defined waist. These luscious curves work well with the dress.

Kylie jenner in a black bodycon dress showing her hourglass figure

THE PEAR SHAPED FIGURE: These are ladies who have small chests but broad hips. This figure is generally not suited to bodycon dresses. The clingy material emphasises the hips and makes the body look unbalanced.

Looking all casual; kourtney Kardashian in a white bodycon and white sneaker

THE APPLE SHAPED FIGURES have broad stomachs, broad hips and no waist definition. On this figure, the dress gives the appearance of roundness and lack of shape in the body.

Bodycon for Apple shaped ladies

INVERTED TRIANGLE FIGURE are the ‘overly busty’ ones with narrow hips and no waist definition. Bodycon dresses should not be worn by ladies with this figure because it lays emphasise on the triangular shape of the silhouette and gives the illusion of an extra broad upper body.

Model shows off her trimmed waist in a bodycon dress


Shoes and boots: High heeled boots and shoes with a stiletto heel are very popular when paired with a bodycon dress especially for evening wear. Thigh high boots are daring and create a sexy look for short dresses. A stiletto heel tells the observer that you are a very confident woman. Flat shoes of matching colours are good choices too. Sandals can come to place for a more casual look.

Belts are very useful especially when you want to break up with the monotone of the dress. The belt should either contrast with or match the colour of the dress. Either a wide or narrow belt can be used. Narrow belts emphasizes on the definition of the waist and creates an illusion of greater curves. If the dress is to be worn as a day wear, a large, loose chunky belt can be worn to create an informal look and make the dress less eye catching.

Jackets e.g. boleros will work for both casual and formal outfits. If the bottom of the jacket falls above the hip, it will emphasize on the waist and highlight the breasts. A light cashmere cardigan or shawl can be worn for evening outings.

Jewelleries are essential, useful accessories for bodycon dresses but it is best to be aware of when to go out without one on, just incase the dress is stunning by itself. Most of the dresses either have low cut neckline or leaves the shoulder bare but a large, long necklace made from beads or a chain with a large metal work pendant is a perfect choice. For the bare shouldered dresses, dangly, long earrings should should be worn.

Underwear for bodycon dresses should be carefully selected too. Wearing thongs would be creating a faultless look. When wearing a strapless dress, a strapless bra is required and when wearing a backless dress, a silicon bra would work for this look too. Ensure the bra creates a cleavage if the dress requires it.

Bodycon dresses are not designed for the feint of heart. They are worn by body confident women. Those with hourglass figure are best suited to this style of tight, figure hugging dress. Once the right fit has been determined, how you wear the dress is largely about getting the accessories right.

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