MEN|6 ways to stay classy in your turtleneck sweater

Yes, it’s been often overlooked in men’s fashion and seen as old but then again, the turtleneck is making a comeback amongst stylish gentlemen.

Turtlenecks are totally cool! You can either wear it in sleek and classic ways or you can go for a casual or street look. Depends on you. Whether you choose to downplay or accentuate your look with the turtleneck, I am most certain, you would definitely appear great wearing it. For some ideas and style inspiration, we’ve come up with six different ways you can rock this timeless piece.

1. Choose the right type of turtleneck.

Choosing the right type of turtleneck solely depends on the function and one’s preferential look. While finding the right turtleneck, you should consider the type of fabric, colour, pattern and weave. For a formal or business look, we suggest you go for the classic thin knit turtlenecks in neutral colours while for a casual look, pick the chunky knit turtlenecks and choose any colour you are comfortable wearing, but ensure they go well with the rest of your outfit.

2. Turtleneck with suits.

Plaid suit and a black turtleneck sweater

A simple two-piece or the more sophisticated three-piece suit styled with a dark turtleneck is a perfect choice for any man who wants to achieve the undoubtedly timeless, classic look.

3. With a double breasted suit.

White double breasted suit and black turtleneck shirt

Layering your double breasted suit with a turtleneck is a cool and classy way to archive this style. Take it to the next level of refinement by going for a double monk strap to match with your suit colour or a dark leather oxford shoes. Trust me, you can never go wrong.

4. With jeans, chinos or dresspants

Dark blue dress pant with a gray turtleneck shirt and an overall

Pairing your turtleneck with nothing but jeans, chinos or dress pants is a cool way to dress down this style in a smart casual way.

5. With coat, blazer, sportcoat or suit jacket.

Deep brown plaid coat with a dark purple turtleneck wool sweater

Coats, blazers, sports coats and suit jackets all do well when layered over turtlenecks. They make a turtleneck look instantly more professional. I know someone personally who loves wearing his thick turtleneck top a lot with a sports jacket because they are the most loose fitting option. However, it surely goes with all four pieces – just ensure you choose a thin turtleneck for blazers.

6. With a leather, jean or bomber jacket

L-R: with a jean jacket and with a leather jacket

Leather, jean and bomber jackets are super versatile no matter which color they come in and yes, they always make sense with turtlenecks. Mix and match them in style either by pairing your turtleneck with jeans and a black leather jacket or by pairing it with a dark leather bomber jacket and black wool pants to ooze class and sophistication.

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