African fashion; an ever growing, ever evolving industry with the potential of taking over the world of fashion . Its growth parallels the number of African fashion brands that emerge everyday, diligently contributing their quota, there by growing the industry from  leaps to bounds. One of such brands is Tash_byTashaGodwin.img-20160916-wa0002

Natasha Godwin , the CEO and creative director of this Lagos based, currently female label,  has a keen eye for fashion and all things fabulous, flamboyant and glamorous. It’s no surprise that she found an ingenious way to creatively express it all in her design approach.img-20160916-wa0031

Tash_byTashaGodwin as a brand, is well aware of the steady growth of the fashion scene in the country and in Africa as a continent, and is also aware of the competition it directly translates into. Despite the fact that they are only a young label and a fairly new name,  they however have a resolve to impact the industry on an international level.

Their resolve to be an A-list fashion brand and their drive and determination to achieve it can be seen in the growth they have experienced in their barely 8 months of conception. The brand organically grew its Instagram following from zero to 15,000 active followers in less than a year, which is a feat not many brands can achieve on social media in such a short timetash

Tash_ByTashaGodwin recently released its first collection titled Ixora. According to Natasha, the creative director, Ixora is her younger sister who she is very fond of, so she decided to name the collection after her. Ixora, is a collection tailor made (pardon the pun) for the modern day woman whose desire is to express her sense and appreciation of style. One of the signature outfits is a kimono/jalabiya set.wp-1481610249996.jpg

As mentioned earlier, this brand currently only makes female attires, but has plans that have already been set in motion, to also include a collection for males and children. Tash_byTashaGodwin as a brand is set to lock-down the fashion scene, if it hasn’t began already. This brand will take over, one pretty dress at a time, till they arrive at the inevitable peak of fashion brand elitism.


BRAND NAME: Tash_byTashaGodwin
CEO/Creative director: Natasha Godwin
INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @tash_bytashagodwin




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