How to pick the best sunglasses for your face | For the ladies.

As far back as the advent of accessorizing one’s dressing with eye wears, the issue of what type of sunglasses to wear or which frames fits one’s facial features has always been an issue to practically everyone, am i right or am i right?

Well ladies, lets help you out with a few tips that will come in handy the next time you walk into that clothing accessories shop at the mall with the intention of finally picking up one of those designer sunglasses you have been checking out for a while now.

The one thing  you need to consider at all times is your facial features; the shape of your face first of all, then your jawline.

SQUARE SHAPED FACES: Ladies with square shaped faces are known to have bold facial features and have the ability to make one look a second time at that face that just came into view. This strikingly distinctive look is usually characterized by a strong jawline and a prominent forehead. These facial features makes such a lady a perfect candidate for different sunglass shapes. Curvy frames like round, oval, cat eye, butterfly and semi-rimless will accentuate your eyes and playfully balance a striking jawline. Try any of these variations,whether on a dress-to-impress look or a business minded one, you will certainly be doing so with style.

square face
Recommended shades for the square shaped face type

OVAL SHAPED FACES: Ladies with this facial feature are considered lucky because they can pull off almost any type of look when it comes to sunglasses. Rectangle frames are often chosen . For the horizontal orientation of their oval faces, rectangle frames often help to balance out an oval face’s vertical outline. Up-swept styles frames are also good for complimenting high cheekbones. Be it a poolside outing, time at the beach or at the park, or even some alone time, finding shades that fit won’t be too hard.

Oval face redone
Recommended shades for the oval shaped face type

HEART SHAPED FACES: Ladies with this lovely face shape are usually known to have broad brows and narrow chins. Attention should be directed downward, elongate your look to even out proportions with the right pair of frames. Style consultants recommend light-colored frames, frames with thin temples, or frames with exaggerated bottoms for heart shaped faces.

Heart face redone
Recommended shades for the heart shaped face type

ROUND SHAPED FACES: This beautiful face shape, characterized by soft,contoured, feminine features,is generally know to have width and height of approximate equivalence. Geometric shapes like horizontal frames, Wayfarers and rectangle shapes will give such face a longer, thinner look. These frame shapes offsets the contours and and will surely help gain the elegant edge you desired.

Round face redone
Recommended shades for the round shaped face type

So ladies, these few tips will help you figure out the best sunglasses to fit your facial features, no matter the look you are trying to pull off. Remember, style is everything, it’s key, so always endeavor to knock em’ dead when you step out, be the head-turner, the show-stopper, but most importantly, be you.

Credit:  Sunglasses Hut.

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