Ladies Distressed Jeans|YAY OR NAY?

The distressed jean’ or crazy jeans as it is called by many, is a trend from back in the 90’s that has made a come back as trends usually do, and is hotter than ever this modern day. It is a pretty controversial piece of clothing and can be a little risky sometimes when attempting to pull off a look in it. I guess that has fueled its popularity or notoriety depending on your point of view. These jeans were a lot more simple when they initially came out with a single rip, but now designers are beginning to take it overboard with some sometimes scandalous rips that only the really ballsy can wear.

Well here are a few tips on how to pull off your distressed jeans look and make a statement while at it.

1. With a tank top and blazers:

Ripped jean with a tank top and blazers

She paired these appropriately because the rips on her high waist jeans are already detailed enough and if she has paired it with a dramatic shirt or top, it wouldn’t have made the look chic . She also made it sweet with a simple jewelry, heels, sunglasses and light makeup.

2. Fedora hats:

Fedora hat on Ripped jean and a trench coat

Fedora hats on ripped jeans is very appropriate because you can rock it for many occasions; from the cocktail party, to the mall and even to work, that’s if you’re working in a company where you are allowed to express your fashion sense though. The hat on a trench coat and a dramatic distresses jean with a simple top is safe and comfortable.

3. On a Tee shirt:

Ripped jean on tee shirt

Mercy Aigbe is always repping. She has paired hers with a tee-shirt. We really love how comfortable she looks wearing the ripped jeans because it is very detailed with a lot of rips.

4. For the love of dungarees:

Sleeve shirts and ripped dungarees

This is a trend that tends to come and go but then we totally love how she paired this ripped dungarees with a sleeve shirt and sneakers and then the headpiece just gave it the swag chill appeal, yeah? We thought so too. Sometimes, dungarees can be very boring with a regular shirt but it being ripped totally gave it away and i totally want to get a ripped dungarees. I will be sure to share some photos when i do.

5. Any other shirt or top:

Turtle neck top with ripped jean on red pumps.

When pairing, you have to consider the occasion or event you are to attend because you wouldn’t want people staring like you have been attacked on your ways or you were chased outta the house, lol. Aside the fact the ripped jeans give you the bad girl chic look, it can also go with any shoes ranging from sneakers to oxford shoes, flashy pumps or cutout heels (personally, i love the cutout heels and sneakers). Look how Laura Ikeju Kanu paired hers, simple but yet classy.

So, for those of us that haven’t had the guts to step out in a distressed jean, these few ideas we have put together should help. As for me, right now i am taking off my baggies and going out with them girls in a distressed jean and a crop top. I know you wanna see pictures, just hold on. LOL.

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