KOCHHOUSE | The Year of the Gentleman.

When it comes to fashion for the discerning gentleman, the Nigerian brand that should come to mind is Kochhouse. This brand has over the past couple of years, built and by every right, earned their reputation from crafting classy, contemporary and street styles outfits, which upholds and reflects the styles of a true debonair gentleman.

The brand was officially founded in 2012 by Nonye Nkwocha, who also doubles as the creative director. An engineering graduate from Covenant University, Nonye embarked on his quest into the world of fashion driven by the sheer love he has for it. Over time he has so far proven this love and passion with dedication and hard work aimed at achieving relevance and excellence in the industry. It can be said that there is so much more that is yet to be unveiled by this creative director.

“THE YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN”, the brand’s fashion editorial theme for the year 2018 which was recently released, features Nonye Nkwocha as the creative director, George Nkem as the brand stylist, Aham Ibeleme as fashion photographer and the models include Ayoola, Akah Nnani, Nonso Bassey, Chike and Ebinye Victor.

Kochhouse has expanded its strongholds and now makes tuxedos, bespoke suits, corporate attires, traditional (native wears) as well as footwear like loafers, fashionable leather sandals and slippers. Kochhouse has earned its slot in men’s fashion as it blends African culture with contemporary designs that makes the brand peerless and has scissored a wide range of clientele, from celebrities to average man of fashion, who desires the brand’s subtle yet unparagoned design approach and sense of style.

As mentioned earlier, Kochhouse has so much more in stock that is yet to be unveiled. It is an inspiring brand that has had, over its period of existence, achieved the approval and endorsement high profile celebrities and fashion-aware names the likes of Uti Nwachukwu, JJC, Nonso Bassey, Mc Ogbolor, Chike, Akah Nnani and host of others, all of whom have been seen showcasing the fashion adroitness of the brand.

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