Jide Fresh Kouture’s Pink Panda Collection

Did we mention at anytime that the Agbada has come along way? That it has journeyed from the era when it used to be a ceremonial attire for the rich and affluent sub-Saharan African men of prominence, to what it is today? I’m pretty sure we did mention. Click here to read up: Kayoja Origins| The Agbada.

Well meet Jide Olumide, the CEO and creative director of Jide Fresh Kouture(JFK), one of the luxury apparel brands championing the transformation of one of Africa’s most loved traditional attires.


Raised in the South-south city of Port Harcourt, Β Nigeria, Jide Olumide has honed his designing skills over the years to a point of phenomenal excellence and has applied his acquired genius to recreating the Agbada, bringing forth a brand new breed so-to-speak, designs that have set a base for the future of this awesome African attire.

You don’t see an Agbada with a hoodie everyday, do you? Its the future…

About a week ago, Jide Fresh Kouture came out with this brilliant new collection called the “Pink Panda”,a cross gender collection of Amazing Agbada designs. Some of you will be wowed by the name, while others will ask,”why Pink Panda?” Well we are way ahead of you, we have an answer to that question before you even ask.

A Panda as we all know is a large, adorable, seemingly harmless creature. However when you come closer you will find that it is actually not as adorable as thought because the Panda like any other bear is territorial and is more than willing to defend itself when it perceives a threat. Applying that to the design, at first sight, you may find a Pink Panda attire to be pretty amazing, but you will need to see it worn to experience its awesomeness in full.

Poised for attack?

And then Pink?Β As a colour, pink is associated with beauty and love, and it is a colour that almost every lady can relate with. It is generally perceived as a not-so masculine colour, however it can be said that only the masculine man who is very confident in his masculinity feels comfortable in pink. It denotes an inner beauty that lightens the heart. Pink as a colour is beautiful and so is the Pink Panda collection, as well as the JFK designs as a whole.IMG-20160619-WA040

Jide Fresh Kouture as a brand is dedicated to changing the game and setting a pace for the future of African contemporary fashion, as that can be seen in it’s meticulously brilliant design approach and its excellently finished pieces. So much can be said about this label and its Pink Panda collection, but so much more can be seen. We know you would want to see more pictures so we will spare you the literary babble and skip right to the koko. “Feast your eyes!!!”



Brand name: Jide Fresh Kouture(JFK)
Instagram handle: @ceo_jfk
Photo Credit: Marsh Imagery
Instagram handle: @marshimagery

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