The simplicity of denim jackets and shirts is that it can be paired with anything. It has this multi-weather uniqueness that makes it an awesome addition when going casual. When worn right, it adds a kind of suave yet rugged element to your style. Denim jackets and shirts have been in style for a while so it can be said that they are timeless.

In this post, you are going to be reading how to wear your denim jackets and shirts.


Keeping it casual comes easy for men when wearing a denim jacket, however not everyone knows how to pair them up with the right pants. It is important to ensure that your denim fits you. It’s doesn’t looked good if worn on baggies or combat jeans. Instead ensure to go for slim jean or trousers.

Its not a bad idea to invest in a denim fur jackets , so as to prepare for colder days. To add more light to it you can throw in a muffler. That not only helps to additionally keep you warm on those cold days, but adds a certain suave appeal to it.

Make choices on different colours e.g gray, black ,blue or dark denim. The more colour , the more spice.

To switch up your daily look and make it presentably casual, wear your denim over a patterned shirt. And then with a dark shade denim jacket, you can complete the look with a pair of sneaker.Β 

The beauty about your denim jackets and shirts is that they can be worn on virtually everything in your closet except more formal clothing. For woman, it can be worn on a dress, on a crop top and jean trousers or skirt.


Pair it up with a lacey white dress and your boots to give it a feminine looks.

Lacey white dress on boots spiced with a denim jacket

A cropped denim jacket could go with a long maxi dress.

Flora maxi dress with jean jacket on slippers.

You can also pair your denim jacket with a turtle neck and a maxi skirt.

Turtle neck on a maxi skirt with denim jacket.

You can jazz up your look by changing from its original form to different forms to give it softer and sweeter appearance.

It can be worn with handless tops on skirts and heels to give it the fun mix for your club parties.

Then the denim on denim look ; amazing choice. You will look great in a jean jacket and jean trousers or jean skirt.

Different pictures on denim on denim

One other beautiful thing about denim jackets is that you can easily wear your crop tops without fearing overexposure with your denim jacket over it.

A white cropped top on a skirt sauced with denim jacket

So i hope you have been able to pick up a tip or two on how you can combine your denims with the clothes you already have in your closet perfectly and with ease too.

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