How to spot sneakers with dresses and skirts

By simply throwing on a pair of your favourite sneakers on any outfit and it’s automatically a casual one. Sneakers have a way of toning down the fanciest of outfits, and that’s a proven fact. No matter the type, be it sneakers, trainers or converse, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes because the balance between stylishness and comfortability. This comfy footwears are celebrity favourites. We say this with so much confidence because they have been spotted on the runway.

The little secret and trick is to pair the right type with your attire. There are different ways to style the sneakers,trainers or converse up taking it from a training jungle to an ultimate urban style. The real question here is ‘how do we style it with skirts and dresses?’. Well, let’s take a cue from the bad girl herself, and our ultimate style inspiration Rihanna.



If you ask me though, i think the sneakers on gown is bad for Rihanna’s signature outfit. She is always seen in this combination. Above, she paired a teddy bear print dress with a leopard print hightops and a face cap. In the second picture, she toned down her dinner outfit with a white converse making it look pretty simple and casual.



Sharon rocks her black fishnet flare skirt with a black tank top, denim shirt, mirrored sunglasses, silver statement bracelet, shoulder strap bag and of course a white sneaker that give her outfit the ultimate casual look.



Folake Huntoon of style pantry never fails to rock trendy outfits with a flare. She pairs her 2piece set; gray long sleeve blouse and a matching high waist pencil skirt with a white sneaker.



The Instagram goddess in all shades of perfection rocks her white high tops allstars sneakers with a gray body con dress. She completes her look with gold chain accessory and dark ray ban sunglasses.

Now get your gear up, lace up your sneakers and rock your dresses and skirts in a magnificent manner, like a boss chic. Cheers!!!

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