5 ways to always look good while wearing light and airy clothes. 

Hmmm, i hate, hate, hate heat. I pretty much have to be mentally and physically prepared to experience a hot weather. But in this part of the continent Africa, where our weather is unpredictable, we should always brace ourselves for whatever the climate throws our way. The feeling of being uncomfortable and sweaty can actually be avoided.  So i have decided to help out by introducing my choice of light and airy clothing to get you through the hot and dry or humid weather.

1. Trompette dresses: They have flattering lines which makes it a perfect choice of light and airy clothing.


2. Wrap Dresses: These are sweet, simple and light. You can’t beat a simple, linen wrap dress and on a pair of badass sneakers for the road… Lol.

3. Crochet Accessories: These are is the real deal for me. You get to look simple and receive plenty of nature’s nurturing on your skin;  by nature’s nurturing i mean air. A sleeveless floral gown with a simple crocheted top on it looks great.

4. Jerseys or Tank tops: These are also good choices too. A white A-shaped jersey on your mom jeans and a long light kimono jacket with a nice pair of heels won’t do bad at all.

5. Sweaters: Certainly are nice choices especially if the weather decides to take a wrong path towards the cold region. Otherwise, a light cashmere sweater in through which air can pass through on a nice pair of jeans and your block heel boots should do the trick.

Well, if i was given a choice on clothing during the hot periods, disregarding morals ,i just might step out of the house ‘nude’ just so i dont feel a spec of discomfort. but that’s just me though. Have my choices been helpful in anyway?

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