Whether you blame it on the fascination of being antiquated ’90s or the tiresome wearing of skintight jeans, the ‘mom jeans‘ are back in trend and there’s no looking back. The purposefully denim has found it’s own uniqueness and style.

During the summer,one gets to see most African fashionistas or our favorite Hollywood faces on this trend.

Personally, I love to rock this type of jeans, it shows off my physique. It makes me feel attractive, yes it does. Anyway here are some inklings on how I love to rock my mom jeans which you probably should adopt too:

1. Show off your waist

Carve out that hourglass figure of yours by tucking your blouse into the high waist jean with or without a belt. Mom jeans are usually a little free around the thighs, so for someone with a really curvy body, it gives a pretty look.

A tucked blouse on mom jeans rocked with a petite jacket and high heeled sandals

2. Toughen it up a little

Moto jackets are known to give off that rugged yet stylish appeal, so you can actually toughen your mom jeans look, giving it a nice sharp edge with a cropped moto jacket. You can top it up with some killer heels or water it down with a pair of mules loafer.

cropped moto jacket on mom jeans
 Cropped moto jacket on light blue mom jeans and a pair of mules loafer

And for your TGIF moments or maybe that night out with the girls, you can equally pair it up with a nice crop top, a long kimono jacket and a pair of heel boots or you can go with a pair of sneakers too.

 Floral kimono rocked on a pair of mom jeans

3. Look for a dark stiff denim

A dark inked shade will portray a more polished look, paired with your favorite printed teesI think its more suitable and comfortable for that “back to school”  and “tomboy” look.

 A white tee on inked mom jeans

4. Double up on denim

Okay this one tip might be a little bit tough but trust me, this look is it. If you want to go denim on denim, choosing the right shade should matter here. Do not pick a dark inked denim top on mom jeans of the same shade.  No, that would turn out to be a blunderRather, go for a two different shades, you can’t go wrong with that.

Yoyo Cao wearing a denim jacket and jeans and Gucci bag
 Double breasted denim jacket on mom jeans

5. Strike a balance 

Be comfortable and classy with a leopard- print topper or a black leather jacket which gives the confident gangster look and your favorite pair of sneakers.

 A black jacket and white tee on ripped mom jeans and pretty white sneakers
mom jean leo
 Leopard skin sweatshirt on a pair of mom jeans

6. Current/Elliot

This particular pair reminds me of the ’90s vibes.they have this feeling of confidence while they are on.

 A gray tee tucked in a pair of black mom jeans

A nice vintage shirt will do the trick. This can also be an emergency outfit;instead of the vintage,one can throw in a t-shirt and off she goes. This is my personal lifesaver.

So…have I been helpful with these few tips in anyway? Yaasss! You can thank me later.


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