How to keep your casual look more ‘FINESSE’ this weekend

Getting dressed should be easy yeah? Not so fast ‘friends’. As much as we all want to be our own fashion stylists, we still have to bear in mind so many rules that govern styling; this is where many of us falter. To make it easier for you to pull off that personalized look of elegance, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will add a touch of ‘finesse’ to your look this weekend.

1. Go for cute: This means that you should rely on pretty and girly colours like pink and pastels, shoulder-baring outfits and frilly skirts or pants.

Off shoulder top on both frilly skirt and pant

2. Go for glam: Keep it 100% monotone as it is the easiest way to go these days. A single coloured outfit and accessory combination for your toes up to your head is the right step to glam-up your look this weekend. *winks*

Montone black and monotone blue.

3. Go for class: It’s all about keeping your look classy and chic, the simple monochrome black and white combination is the best bet for both.


4. Go Sporty: The athleisure trend is one of the best things that has happened to us this past season and it’s still on. It provides comfort and is absolutely easy to style.

Two piece set of Adidas featuring Rita Ora

5. Go for Gold:Β There is always that style that wins every time and never goes out of fashion, ‘jeans’ is it. A vintage washed jean or any other unique type of jeans pairs with a crisp shirt, cute cut-out heels or pumps and sunglasses is GOLD.

Sleeves on blue jeans and leopard skinned pumps with sunglasses

6. Go for shimmer:Β What would make more sense than sequins for a night time run-in? Definitely nothing. This look right here says it all.

Sequin dresses for night out ; Gold dress featuring Kim Appleton

Be at your best and let people ‘trip on your finesse’ this weekend.

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