So much time is invested in finding the right pair of eyeglasses. You look for the right frame shape that firmly fits your face, in a design or hue that perfectly reveals you. You patiently wait for that call telling you that your new eyeglasses are ready for pick up.

Wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to make those glasses last as long as possible? Of course, you do!

Here are some great tips on how to take thorough care of your eyeglasses so they can last long.

  • Always rinse your glasses with water before wiping or cleaning them. Even tiny particles of dust or dirt can settle on your lens, and if you wipe those around on a dry lens, it can be abrasive.
 Rinse your eyeglasses thoroughly


  • If you’re going to use a chemical, use sprays or lens cleansers that are specifically made to clean eyeglass lenses. Never use household cleaners, because the chemicals contain ammonia, which will tear off the coating that is on the lens.



  • Allow your glasses to air dry, it is one perfect way of keeping dust and any material from getting on to your lens. If you can’t set them down to air dry, wipe them down with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.
 Air dry or wipe your glasses regularly


  • NEVER use paper towels, tissue, or napkins to dry your lenses. All of these, regardless of how soft they may feel on your skin, have a textured surface and can easily scratch your lenses.Also, refrain from using the tail of your shirt. If the clothing is not 100% cotton, the fibers in the fabric will scratch the lens of your eyeglasses over time. The clothing can also have dirt on it, which means the residue ends up transferred to your lenses.


 Do not wipe your glasses with a shirt


  • Hold your frames by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. Never make the mistake of holding the lens of either your eyeglasses or sunglasses. This will keep you from accidentally bending the frame while you clean. Bent glasses can negatively affect the way you see out of your glasses. Plus, if your frames are bent out of shape, they’re more likely to feel uncomfortable.
 Hold the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose


  • Ensure to store your glasses properly. Use a glass case or purse to keep your glasses in order to avoid dust, scratches and cracks.
 Use a glass case to keep your glasses safe

So there you have it. We hope these few D.I.Y tips will help you take better care of your eyeglasses and make them last longer for you.

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