FOR THE GENTS| How to absolutely slay it on a first date with her. (4 quick tips)


Its a Saturday afternoon, Osarugue looked at her watch the third time in what felt like an hour. She was enraged to find out that it had only been 5 minutes since the last time she checked. “Well it doesn’t matter,” she told herself, “he is already 7 minutes late, and I hate being kept waiting”. It’s not like she picked the time anyway, she was considerate enough to allow him pick a time and place for their first date, all he needed to do was to arrive there on time, before her. But he hasn’t and she has been waiting for all of eternity for all she knows. “So much for being a considerate lady” she thought to herself.

It was a blind date, she hadn’t met the Charles before, he happens to be a friend of a colleague of hers, Mr Wole, a man who as far as she was concerned was a stylish man, and she should know because she is that kind of lady that turns heads anytime she walks in. Not just because she is quite the beauty herself, but because she has a remarkable sense of style and taste, and holds the “Best dressed employee” award for the second year running. So having the “show me with whom roll and i will tell you what you are” thought in mind, she was expecting Charles to wow her with his sense of style.

An annoyingly long 10 minutes later, Charles walks in, she recognizes him from the pictures of him she had seen when the chatted on WhatsApp. Immediately, she felt her heart sink with disappointment as her brain struggled to make some sense of the image her eyes were transmitting to it. She just couldn’t believe it, they were in a 5 star restaurant chosen by Charles as their rendezvous point, in one of the poshest parts of the city, on a Saturday afternoon, and this guy chose to show up looking like Korede Bello, fresh out of his music video shoot. With a red biker jacket, a white tee and 2 gold chains hanging on his neck, black distressed jeans and red Timbaland boots. “Jesus!’,she screamed in her mind, ‘who send me?”

Well it can be said that his appearance, being something Osarugue attaches great importance to, failed to fall anywhere close to her expectations. Coupled with the fact that he kept her waiting, on their first date? “Who does that?’, she thought to herself and answered the questions almost immediately. ‘Obviously Oga Charlie here, the 45 years old man in distressed jeans and red Timbaland boots does’, she thought in what can be translated from the expression on her face, to be disappointment.

Guys, making a remarkable first impression on your first date with that beautiful girl you have been longing for goes a long way in determining the course of your relationship with her. A lot can be said about your personality from your appearance and personal carriage. We have put together a number of well informed tips that we have gathered from extensive research, that will help you slay completely on that first date.

The first and most important tip is to “Dress for the location”. Every other thing we will be talking about below is hugely determined by it, as you read on it will get clearer.

1. Dress for the Location: Its important to always know where exactly the date is going to be so as to pick an outfit that won’t make you end up like our friend Charles. If its a restaurant, it is strongly recommended that you do not succumb to the temptation of going casually dressed. You can never go wrong with a blazer, a decent long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans or pants. As for kick, go with drivers, moccasins, Chelsea boots or any other shoes that fit your chosen outfit. By all means avoid wearing a pair of sneakers.If the chosen location is a bar or you are going to see a movie, then almost anything goes. However its still better to show up semi-casually dressed, you are perceived as more classy that way. Jeans,Chinos pants, preferably straight, to go with T’shirts and Long or short sleeve shirts. A good sneakers works nicely in this combo, so does your regular drivers and moccasins. Remember to pick colours that blend properly. In a future post, we will give you a breakdown of the preferred colour blends a guy with style should be seen in.

2.Your Turf, Your Terms: Its always advised that you pick the location yourself,a place you have been to before, so as to have that “home advantage”. If possible call ahead to make reservations, so that when you both arrive at the venue, that if you are picking her up(which is also advisable as well,at least offer to) the reception would be warm and welcoming, being given that the-boss-has-arrived reception can help boost your confidence, and we all know that confidence is a huge turn-on for the ladies.

3. Go Well Tailored: A well tailored native attire can also score high for you if you decide to stay true to your roots. Its not recommended to wear an agbada, no matter how trendy it is to wear them for occasions these days. But that’s where it fits best in, occasions,not first dates.

4. Avoid Wearing Shorts: One thing is for sure, unless you are scheduled to meet at the beach, never, i repeat, never(don’t say you weren’t warned) show up in shorts, no matter how expensive they are or how sexy you think your legs are. Ladies like to know that you put in effort to look good for them and wearing shorts on a first date, as a matter of fact any date at all is a huge fail, unless like i said you are meeting at the beach or maybe some picnic or at a Game Reserve/Resort or somewhere of the sort.

Conclusion: Well, after all said, we can’t reiterate enough how important it is to make a killer of an impression on your first date bros. We know that first impressions aren’t always what they truly are. They are more often smoke and mirrors,the more you look the less you see, but in the world we live in today, all the illusion is as necessary the air you breath, in order to make headway in your different endeavors, not just impressing the ladies. So we say, dress up, show up, kill it and brush your shoulders off mhen!


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