For the Gents| How to pick the best Sunglasses for your face.

It is a known fact, picking the right sunglasses for your face shape can be a daunting task. We talked about it, and gave a few tips to the ladies in an earlier article, on how to pick the right Sunglasses for your face. Now we are here with some tips for the gents.

SQUARE-SHAPED FACES:  Guys with this type of faces usually have bold distinctive features like chiseled brows and broad jawline. These features gives the squared shaped faced guy an obvious masculine look. Curved shades , like round or oval frame would work quite nicely, along with semi-rimless ones. These can help balance your prominent jawline.

Square shape Redone
Recommended shapes for square-shaped faces

OVAL-SHAPED FACES: Oval shaped faces are more vertical than horizontal in nature. Guys with this type of face shape  can pull off almost any look, making it a whole lot easier for them when shopping for shades. They have a wide array of options; rectangular frames to balance out the face horizontally, up swept frames complement the high cheek bones, and shield frames for better coverage.

Oval shape Redone
Recommended shades for oval-shaped faces

ROUND-SHAPED FACES: Round faces are generally pretty much equivalent in height and width. That said, it is often advised to try offsetting facial contours with geometric frames for a more distinctive look. Horizontal, wayfarers and rectangular frames helps give the face a longer appearance and look.

A few frame shapes for the round shaped face
Recommended shades for round shaped-faces

HEART-SHAPED FACES:  Characterized by a broader brow and a narrow chin, heart-shaped faces tend to have prominent, striking eyes. Simulate a low profile with frames that elongate your look, or frames that redirect attention downwards. Light- colour frames as well as those with thin temples, will do the trick, so will frames with embellished bottoms.

A few shades for the heart-shaped face
Recommended shades for heart-shaped face.

 So Gents, when next you are going accessory shopping, keep these few tips in mind. The modern day man is basically limited to only a few accessory options, mostly wristwatches, bracelets and one or two other items. It is best to maximize each available bit whenever necessary. If you decide to accessorize with shades, whether you are going out for a walk in the park, or to the gym, going on a holiday trip or even on official business, equip yourself with the right shades for your face, beef up your look and look as dapper as the word “dapper” allows.

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